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About Cry for the Moon

Established in 1970 we’ve been quietly building our reputation for outstanding jewellery and exceptional service. Likened to an Aladdin’s cave, our traditional jewellers windows are bursting with the unusual, from period Antique, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco, not forgetting bespoke design pieces – we have it all!

Starting out in Haslemere some 50 years ago, our journey has taken us via Godalming to our present landmark store @ 17 Tunsgate, Guildford.

We warmly invite you to browse a small selection of our wonderful jewellery collection and hope you will be inspired!

Harry Diamond


Harry started in the business working for his father (also Harry Diamond) on the weekends at a London jewellery market when he was just 12 years old. Leaving school at age 15, he went to work in the Brighton Lanes without a clue what a diamond was or looked like… but before long took over the family business in the late 80s and then moved into a bigger shop in the early 90s.

Harry then started travelling internationally, buying and selling at auctions around the world – and in 2002 took over Cry for the Moon, Guildford. For over 50 years Harry has worked diligently, accruing an expert knowledge on antique jewellery and the many different gemstones.

Married to Charmayne for 44 years, Harry enjoys fine food & wine, motorcars and spending time with his family – notably his grandson, Arlo. Harry is also keen to point out that his surname is completely coincidental and has never been changed.

Harry Diamond

The Team at Cry for the Moon

Why Cry for the Moon?

At Cry for the Moon we understand how jewellery not only reflects beauty, but also how it celebrates the most important times of our lives. Having spent 50 years providing customers with the opportunity to celebrate with a unique item, we appreciate and acknowledge that the quality of the items is a priority in making these moments special.

Craftsmanship is key to our philosophy. It is the reason we can guarantee all our items, preowned and new, are fully inspected to satisfy your needs. Our three jewellers have almost a century of experience between them, and it is this passion and dedication to their work that you can trust when you buy with confidence from our store.

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