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Diamond Shapes

Wednesday February 16, 2022
Stephen Sutton

We are often asked “what is the best or most popular shape of diamond?”

Through longevity, this has to be a modern round brilliant cut. Ever since Marcel Tolkowsky originally developed the modern round brilliant diamond, it has been modified and perfected over time. However, the diamond industry still uses Tolkowsky’s model as a guide of for the “ideal cut”.

Diamond Cuts

Round Brilliant Cut

By far and away the most popular cut, accounting for more than half of all diamonds sold.A timeless classic, with sparkling brilliance showcasing the life and beauty of the world’s favourite gemstone.

Other cuts include:

  • Princess
  • Asscher
  • Pear
  • Radiant
  • Marquise
  • Old Cut
  • Emerald
  • Heart
  • Oval
  • Baguette
  • Cushion
  • Trillion

Of these cuts, Ovals & Pears are currently the in vogue and on trend. However, Princess, Asscher, Radiant and Cushion are also up there amongst the most popular choices. The square cut diamonds use more of the rough diamond, whilst a round cut can waste around 50% of the original material. In contrast, a square uses around 80% and also will weigh more than a round cut that has the same dimensions.

Oval Cut

Oval cut diamonds have the same makeup as round brilliant cut diamond with the same number of facets, and from side view appear almost the same. One big difference, referred to as ‘the bow tie effect’, where the cutting of the oval shaped is too shallow. This can display a small dark area in the center, which looks like a bow tie. Better cut ovals will not show this feature.

Pear Cut

Pear cut diamonds have become extremely desirable, and with a fine halo surround they particularly lend themselves to drops on earrings and pendants. These have been one of the most popular and highest selling products for at Cry for the Moon over the past few years. Originally developed some 700 years ago by Diamond cutter Lodewyk van Berquem, this unique cut of stone often causes much debate on which way it should be worn on the finger.

Heart Cut

Heart cut diamonds. A timeless symbol of love, a heart shaped diamond is a unique, special alternative to the more common diamond cuts. Heart shaped diamonds make up only a tiny fraction of the total number of diamonds sold every year, making a heart shaped diamond a unique, rare and special choice.

Marquise Cut

Marquise cut diamond is an elegant, elongated cut, and has the appearance of a larger stone when compared to other cuts. The wearer’s finger can appear longer and more slender with this cut, which is based largely upon the cut and facets of a round brilliant cut diamond.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut was typically used to cut emerald stones, but is now a very popular cut for diamonds too. Consisting of 57 facets and boasting an elongated rectangular shape, the cut-off corners is said to display a calm beauty, instead of the brilliance and sparkle of round and cushion diamonds. You’ll see flashes of light in the emerald cut due to its linear, straight facets. A ‘Hall of Mirrors’ due to the flat open window. Only very clear and white diamonds are used for emerald cuts.

Other cuts and diamond shapes not listed include: baguette, tapering baguette, kite, bullets, trillions lozenge, bullets, eight cut, trapezoid and half-moons. These cuts are often used as side stones to accent a central larger diamond and not often seen alone. Each of these are generally purchased as pairs of stones, and the cost of cutting them is higher than many larger stones.

Old European Cut

Old European cut diamonds and transitional cut diamonds can still be cut today, but most are found in jewellery dating back from 1940s or earlier. The old European cut was starting to be uniformed, with new technology and modern polishing developed from the early 1930s. These cuts can appear like modern rounds, but with perhaps less finesse than one cut with today’s methods. We personally love this cut as each diamond has a unique characteristic and an individual feel.

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