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The Healing Powers of Amber

Thursday February 22, 2024
Holly Diamond

Many people find amber compelling as it carries so much history. Amber is one of the most popular – and oldest – gemstones. Originally discovered in fossilised tree resin, amber is an organic substance known for its beauty and healing properties.

How is Amber Formed?

Unlike other gemstones that are formed in water or fire, amber is formed in the resin of trees. Resin works like a plaster for trees’ wounds. When a tree becomes injured, resin oozes out of the exposed area to fill the gap. As the resin is exposed to the air and sunlight, it begins to harden. This forms a protective layer that protects the tree from fungi, infection, and some deadly diseases.

Often, insects and plant debris become caught in the resin as it hardens over time. This causes it to fall to the ground or into the water. Over time, the hardened resin gets buried and then over many millennia it succumbs to pressure and heat. This, according to The National Geographic means the following:

“The deeper the resin gets buried over many millennia, the more pressure and heat the resin will end up feeling. Over an extended period, these conditions cause the resin’s compounds to polymerize, or chemically react with each other to form a thicket of molecular linkages. This process yields the hard, glassy material that we know as amber.” Many people are drawn to Amber because of its historical origin and the fact it has bared witness to so many years on the earth.

The Healing Properties of Amber

The name ‘Amber’ in ancient Greek means ‘beaming sun’ and pays homage to the way light pours down from the sky to warm the earth. Much like the healing power of the sun, amber has healing properties of its own that make it a popular gemstone choice.

Absorbs Negative and Stagnant Energy

Nobody wants negative, stagnant energy in their life. Amber is believed to align the body, spirit, and mind to encourage inner healing. This gemstone has a powerful ability to absorb all negative energy that comes your way to ensure you are surrounded by positive, life-giving energy that brings happiness and encourages an optimistic outlook on life.

Because of its ability to absorb negative energy, many people choose to incorporate amber into their bespoke jewellery pieces to ensure they receive the full benefit of this powerful gemstone. Wearing amber in jewellery is a great way to harness all of the stone’s benefits and enjoy the warmth and peace the stone offers.

Reduces Pain in Adults and Children

In addition to absorbing negative energy, amber is well-known for reducing pain in adults and children. In particular, amber has become a popular choice for the treatment of teething pain in babies.

Amber has a wonderful ability to cut through pain in the body and provide a comforting warmth that supports those suffering from physical ailments, headaches, coughs and colds, as well as chronic ailments such as arthritis. Although, the gemstone itself isn’t the healer in this instance; instead it is the analgesic properties of the stone that take the edge off physical pain. Most Amber contains around 3-8% of Succinic Acid and this has been used to alleviate pain for hundreds of years.

The power of Amber allows you to heal from physical ailments more rapidly. Amber allows the body to re-balance during times of sickness and provides much-needed relief for many experiencing discomfort.

Naturally Purifies

Amber is esteemed for its ability to draw pain and disease from a person’s body, as well as absorb negative energies from the mind, spirit, and physical environment. By naturally purifying in this way Amber can stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms and provide the space and environmental reset needed to remove any toxicity from your life so that you can start afresh.

According to Crystalyze, “As a powerful cleanser, Amber purifies the aura by detaching emotional blockages and re-balancing the chakras. Its soothing vibration nurtures self-healing by removing disease and restoring wellness.”

Attracts Healthier Energy

Amber is ideal to wear or carry when you are recovering from a physical illness or injury. This is because Amber attracts healthy energies by drawing on your desire for wellness and strengthening this energy through natural vibrations before sending it back into your system.

Certain to energise you, Amber embodies millions of years worth of energy and wisdom. This can be drawn on to achieve longevity and a renewed energy in your life. Whether you’re feeling sluggish, depressed, or generally weighed down, Amber can help revitalise you and put a spring back in your step.

Deflects Energy from Others

According to Elle Kaplan, “Scientific research indicates that negativity is contagious, akin to a cold. […] Quite simply, no matter how positive of a person you are, negative people can affect your life, unless you take the right precautions. […] Even a small amount of negative brain activity can lead to a weakened immune system, making you more prone to illness, and even lead to a heart attack or stroke.”

If you are struggling to fight off the negative energy of those around you, Amber could be the solution you’re looking for. This powerful gemstone is an exceptional rubbing stone that can be used for deflecting bad energy from other people and relieving feelings of stress and anxiety.

The more Amber is touched, the more it warms. This uplifting current of energy generates a positive aura that strengthens your immune system and helps you deflect against the negative influences in your life.

Associates with the Colour Gold

The colour gold is often associated with the sun, kings, and riches. It conjures up images of abundance and offers a sense of power, security, and happiness.

Amber is a gemstone often associated with gold – and not just because of its colour. Amber is said to reflect many of gold’s attributes, offering a similar radiance as well as the ability to banish darkness. Amber emanates warmth and strength and offers these qualities to the wearer.

Final Words

Amber is a beautiful and powerful gemstone that can add strength and wellness to your life. Incorporated into jewellery pieces, Amber is a popular gemstone choice for many people.

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