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Anniversary Gift Guide

Sunday October 1, 2023
Holly Diamond

Wedding anniversaries all have their own material which denotes the traditional present you should be giving your partner each year. However, not everyone holds with tradition and many would sooner go their own way when it comes to deciding on a suitable anniversary gift.

Whatever your preference, you can never really go wrong with jewellery for the man or woman in your life. With such a huge variety of options, it can sometimes be difficult to choose, but we hope this anniversary gift guide will help you to make the important decisions when it comes to buying the perfect piece.

And, if not, browse the rest of our website for further inspiration. Alternatively, we are only a phone call away, and will happily offer you the benefit of our expertise and advice on what to pick.


Eternity Rings

From just £650

Put a ring on it…again

Taylor Swift may be just as happy with paper (1st anniversary) rings, but most people would probably prefer something more sparkly and expensive.

An eternity ring is a great way to show that your love has and is lasting for eternity. The beauty of these rings is that they come in a wide range of styles and metals, with various different gemstones, so there really is something to suit everyone, and at all budgets.

Signet rings are also a popular choice for the man in your life. You could even choose to get it engraved with the date of your wedding…so there is no excuse for him not remembering your anniversary!

If you do want to go traditional, a gemstone ring for the relevant year is another way of marking the occasion. This could be something that matches the style of your wedding or engagement ring, but worn on the neighbouring finger. Or, something completely different, that could be worn on a finger on the other hand and shows off their personality.

Yearly traditions

Pearls (30th), rubies (40th), sapphires (45th), emeralds (55th) and diamonds (60th) all lend themselves to being used in jewellery for those anniversary celebration years, be it rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or even cufflinks.

The 42nd anniversary is denoted by clocks or watches, so this is the ideal excuse to present your other half with a timepiece, such as one of our pocket watches. For the more romantic amongst you, you could reason it with reflecting on the time you have already spent together and the many more hours, minutes and seconds you want to continue to spend with them.

Randomly, the 14th anniversary is the one designated for specifically giving gold jewellery, so that seems like too good an opportunity to pass up, especially for those of you who struggle to think of suitable gifts for your loved ones.

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Make it unique

Our selection of vintage jewellery is sure to mean that when you turn up to a party no one will have the same piece as you, meaning you are giving or receiving a truly unique gift. For something particularly different, opt for a brooch rather than the more usual styles of jewellery, with gold, silver and cameos all offering individual appeal.

Cufflinks are an excellent option as a unique gift for men. They stand the test of time and have been used for years, meaning that vintage cufflinks are something to be treasured. They will often have glamorous art deco designs or be created to stand out, rather than just a simple gold or silver. Although, of course, those are available too, if understated minimalism is more your thing.

You could also go bespoke and get an item of jewellery specifically created for your loved one. We can incorporate gems and materials from other older pre-loved items of jewellery, including family heirlooms, to create something entirely new and different.

Jewellery sets

Sometimes, we just don’t know what to wear with what, when it comes to mixing and matching different jewellery items. Take the pressure off, by giving a jewellery set that includes similar or complementary pieces, such as a necklace and earrings featuring twin gemstones or the same design, such as flowers (4th anniversary). You could even add to the flower theme with an actual bouquet featuring the flowers from the jewellery too, for extra anniversary brownie points.

Mirroring the shapes of gemstones and designs is an alternative option here. Cuts such as oval, baguette or pear can be copied across rings, studs or drop earrings and pendants to provide a fashionable symmetry regardless of metal or colour.

Box them up together and have them professionally gift-wrapped to make them look as made for each other as you and your other half.

Final thoughts

Really, the most important aspect of your anniversary is to not forget it! Whether you have a quiet and cosy night in with just the two of you, or go all out and have a full-on party with a hundred friends in a swanky venue to celebrate in style. And, as long as your chosen gift comes from the heart, then it is sure to be cherished by your partner.

If you are still stuck for ideas, please feel free to contact us, or if you’d prefer to have a browse then do come to our showroom in Guildford, where one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the perfect gift for your perfect person.

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