Surprising Facts About the Jewellery Industry

Jewellery originated as a concept from as far back as prehistoric times, when shells and bones were used as personal adornments. Ancient Egyptians also took to wearing live beetles and cockroaches, in an effort to ward off evil; a practice which was remarkably resurrected in Victorian times.

However, it wasn’t really until the 13th Century that metal jewellery started appearing in everyday use. It was used to show hierarchy and status in Medieval Europe. Copper and pewter were popular among the lower classes, where it was only royalty who wore the much more expensive gems, silver and gold.

Glass was also popularised at the same time, with Murano in Venice being the birthplace of glass beads used to make necklaces. Murano is still a hotspot for glass blowers and tourists flock there to pick up their own glass jewellery in various colours and styles.

Cultural and religious jewellery

You may be surprised to learn that gold is actually frowned upon in the Christian Bible, showing it as the fancies of prostitutes who dressed themselves in it to make them more attractive. Luckily, although the concept is still pretty similar, no one bats an eyelid nowadays!

Islam also disallows men wearing gold, with women only allowed to wear earrings. Conversely, in Africa, huge earrings are a sign of power and masculinity.

Jewellery for the modern man only really became a more acceptable proposition in the 1980s, when band The Smiths wore necklaces on stage, in a revival of the hippy movement of the 1960s.

24 carat gold is the purest you can get, but is thought by European and American jewellers to be too soft from which to make jewellery. However, it is still widely used as the chosen metal in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The Chinese much prefer silver to gold when it comes to jewellery, often combining it with blue feathers and stones. Although it is jade which is most revered in China, ostensibly because it reflects the sought-after human qualities of beauty, hardness and durability.

Live like royalty

Discovered in 1905, the Cullinan Diamond is the biggest and heaviest example of a rough diamond ever found. It forms the centrepiece of the crown jewels and weighs over 620g or a massive 3,106.75 carats. Diamonds were first mined in India, and the British Raj took advantage of this by claiming the huge diamond for their country.

Princess Diana’s diamond and sapphire engagement ring is probably the most-recognised of all royal jewellery, with replica examples for sale all over the world. Kate Middleton was gifted the ring by Prince William on their engagement. We have some lovely diamond and sapphire rings in our collection too, if you want a touch of royalty in your life.

Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

From just £685

Wedding and engagement rings

Wedding rings for men are a fairly new phenomenon in the jewellery world. They were actually used as a marketing ploy for jewellers to widen their audience, in the early 20th Century. By the 1940s, 85% of married American men wore wedding rings.

In Ancient Rome, only high-ranking people were allowed to wear rings of any sort, and wedding rings were given as part of the dowry. But, it was the Ancient Egyptians who started the tradition of wedding rings, and the placement on the fourth finger of the left hand was due to their belief that a vein of love ran directly from this finger to your heart.

Wedding rings are always a never-ending circle, to signify the union and everlasting love. But styles of wedding ring have changed a lot over the years. Starting as just braided reeds, they became more elaborate in the 15th Century when messages started being engraved onto the inside of the ring.

By medieval times, wedding rings encompassed two hands being clasped together. But, perhaps most elaborate of all, up until the 17th Century, the bride and groom would each wear a ring leading up to the wedding and these would then be given to the bride on the wedding day, with a third band, and it would provide an interlocking whole.

This gimmel ring is potentially the first example of the engagement ring as we know it today. Previously, engagement rings were just used as a sign of ownership, rather than romance. It was Maximillian I’s marriage to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 that brought engagement rings into popular culture.

Diamonds in engagement rings are also down to another marketing campaign. De Veers used the slogan ‘diamonds are forever’ in 1947 and it stuck in people’s consciousness when they were looking for rings to signify their forever love. Nowadays, diamonds are less popular in engagement rings, with many newly-engaged couples choosing more colourful jewels to suit their own styles and tastes.

Guide to Gemstones

Guide to Gemstones

Significance of stones

In fact, many gemstones have their own meaning, which is often a good way of choosing which one to have in your jewellery. We all know that birthstones exist, with one for each month of the year, but there is so much more to them than that.

Amber is the oldest gem you can get, with some of it being up to 120 million years old. Formed by fossilised pine tree sap and found in rocks and coastlines across the world. It is often worn by fiery passionate people who have a love of nature, with the transparent version most popular in jewellery.

Incredibly, although everyone thinks of diamonds as the most precious gemstone there is, a perfect ruby is worth much more than its diamond equivalent.

The richness of the red of a ruby makes it one of the recognised ‘jewel colours’.

Others include green emeralds, which were first mined by the Ancient Egyptians as far back as 3500BC, blue sapphires and purple amethysts. The latter of these is a type of quartz, but the beauty of its colour means it has been categorised as a semi-precious gem for jewellery.

Final thoughts

The word jewellery stems from the Latin for ‘plaything’, which also prompted the French word ‘jouel’. It started as something frivolous and only for the rich and powerful, but is now seen on everyone around the world in some form or another.

Well-designed jewellery will never go out of style and increases in value, making it a great investment. Check out our range of vintage jewellery online and see some of the fantastic Victorian and art deco styles for yourself. We might not have anything as old as 100,000 years, but we do have a fantastic selection of new and antique jewellery for you to choose from.

How to Wear Jewellery at Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when everything has that added glitz, glamour and sparkle that makes wearing jewellery a must. It is a great excuse for getting dressed up and accessorising yourself as much as the Christmas lights and decorations around your house.

Whether you want to go for style and sophistication or mixing and matching festive colours of reds, greens and gold, now is the time to think about adding to your Christmas jewellery selection. Or to start dropping heavy hints to your friends and family, if you prefer!

Ice cool silver tones

When it comes to winter, silver is in. This could be platinum or white gold too, if you prefer that to actual silver. But, whichever you choose, these cool silvery tones are ideal for reflecting snow and ice. It also looks great against paler skin, when your summer tan has faded.

Whatever your chosen style, we have a large selection of silver jewellery to browse, or we can create something platinum and completely bespoke to you, to your requirements, if you want to embrace the Christmas season with a design of your own imaginative conception.

Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

From just £475

Diamonds for winter sparkle

For added sparkle to your winter tones, diamonds are a girl’s (or man’s) best friend. With a natural snowflake feel to them, the glistening clarity of white diamonds is the obvious choice for winter jewellery, and a sophisticated Christmas season.

Whether you want diamond earrings or a diamond necklace, or a diamond studded ring, the gem is a popular and much-used stone in jewellery design, whether it is on its own or combined with other stones. Blue sapphires and diamonds, such as those used in this ring in our collection, still fit the winter theme, but mean you can also add in a bit of colour.

Festive colours

Speaking of colour, Christmas is a riot of colours from the myriad lights around houses, shopping areas and city centres to tinsel, baubles and other decorations. So, why not get in on the act too and opt for a gold base to your jewellery and choose items studded with rubies and emeralds to give you those festive colours of gold, red and green to match the Christmas festivities?

Earrings are particularly popular and versatile when you want to add some colour to your outfit. Even if you would normally have quite plain and understated chain necklaces or bracelets, it is earrings where your personality can really shine through, and they can be worn and interchanged throughout the year. Colourful earrings, whether they are studs or drops, are not just for Christmas.

Go all out for the party season

More is more at Christmas. So, make the most of it, and wear as much jewellery as possible. Why should trees have all the fun and decoration? Layer your clothes and layer your bracelets and bangles, so you are as jingly as the bells.

Don’t feel you have to stick to one base metal; mix them up and wear lots of different colours and styles. Anything goes during the festive season, so take the opportunity to experiment with your jewellery and you may even discover a new way of wearing it.

Sophisticated understatements

If you are more of a sophisticated glamour girl during the Christmas party season, then some well-chosen pieces to complement your outfit will have just as much of an impact. A pendant necklace works well with a low cut dress, while a bracelet or glitzy watch with a short sleeved outfit will draw the eye.

Vintage jewellery is always a good alternative, as you can be sure that no one will turn up to the party wearing the same as you. Plus, it makes a great talking point if small talk is required, as it so often is in these situations.

Jewellery v clothing dilemmas

Of course, during Christmas and winter, you may well need to wrap up warm, with hats, coats, scarves and gloves being part of your regular daily wardrobe.

These don’t necessarily lend themselves to wearing jewellery. The last thing you need is an earring getting caught on a woolly hat, or a fancy ring being completely redundant under your gloves.

So, do bear this in mind when selecting which pieces of jewellery to wear when. You might decide that one of our brooches is the order of the day instead, as it can be worn on the lapel of a coat or given a practical use to pin a scarf into place.

Men's Jewellery

Men’s Jewellery

From just £105

Don’t forget the men

Cufflinks are always an easy solution as a present for men, and Christmas is also an ideal time to wear them. Everyone likes to get dressed up at Christmas, and suits with cufflinks are often the obvious choice for men when attending the office party, or going for dinner with friends or family over the festive period.

There is such a huge choice of shapes, styles and colours available in the world of cufflinks, so there is bound to be something which suits your suit.

These green and red enamelled gold cufflinks are particularly festive and will be the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.

Final thoughts

Christmas and sparkly jewellery go hand in hand. Exuberance and abundance are expected at this time of year, so it gives you the ideal excuse to bring out some items that you only ever wear for best. You may also want to add to your jewellery box with a present to yourself.

Check out our huge range online or come into our Guildford showroom and see what takes your fancy. You may want to make a Christmas list for Santa and hope that some of your choices end up in your stocking or under the tree on Christmas morning.

Christmas Trends 2023

Christmas is right around the corner once again and it’s time to start planning what you’re going to wear. From bracelets that add glamour to necklaces that draw the eye, Christmas jewellery trends are all about adding that extra sparkle!

Whether it’s for a big event or the yearly family get together, dressing up for Christmas is a great excuse to up the glam and wear a few jewellery pieces that are extra special. Whether you plan to spend the day in heels and a beautiful dress or track pants and your favourite hoodie, you can (and should!) always add a touch of sparkle to make the day extra special.

In this article, we will be sharing the top Christmas jewellery trends in 2023 so that you can gain some inspiration.

Colourful Gemstones

The great thing about jewellery at Christmas time is that it’s a wonderful excuse to wear more colourful jewellery pieces. As such, gemstones are a popular choice as there are so many colours to choose from – sapphire, emerald, ruby, for example – that add a pop of colour to your outfit.

Gemstones can be embraced in rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and are a great way to colourfully accent your outfit. If you’re a little more traditional and prefer a diamond, consider coloured diamonds for Christmas. These unique diamonds come in colours like pink, yellow, and green and are a lovely way to add some colour to your outfit and celebrations.

Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

From just £475

Add Glitz & Sparkle

From the lights on the trees to the tinsel decorating the mantlepiece, Christmas is all about sparkles. Which is why it’s a great opportunity to make some sparkling jewellery choices.

Crystals are a popular choice as they do a wonderful job of catching the light and drawing the eye. Shiny cocktail earrings, cube chains, and pendants are all excellent ways to incorporate crystals into your celebrations.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece such as glitter drop earrings or you want to keep things simple with subtle studs, crystal jewellery adds a sparkle that is sure to get you noticed.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl Jewellery

From just £170

Embrace Pearls

Christmas is often a frosty session here in the UK and a time for snuggling beside the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. It’s the perfect opportunity to embrace jewellery choices such as pearls. When worn as earrings or necklaces, pearls create a subtle brightening effect that emphasises the wearers face and highlights their beauty.

Pearls are also a popular choice for many as they are often passed down as family heirlooms, making them a classic and meaningful choice. These beautiful jewellery pieces last for a lifetime and are a lovely way to incorporate the memory of someone special into your Christmas celebrations.

According to Good Housekeeping, “There’s no denying that pearls are a classic jewellery piece which have endured decades of evolving styles. Loved by royalty and Hollywood stars alike, the coveted jewels are a timeless choice and evoke a unique air of glamour and sophistication.”


Coloured Gemstones

From just £650

Christmas-themed Jewellery

Christmas is a nostalgic time for many. Most of us think back on the year, what we have achieved and the good times we’ve had. Whatever nostalgia you find yourself giving in to this time of year, Christmas-themed jewellery is a great way to embrace the nostalgia.

Christmas-themed jewellery is a more grown-up version of what you wore as a child. These jewellery pieces can be funny and creative, bold and colourful and are a great way to embrace the Christmas spirit. You may even have some pieces in your old jewellery box from when you were young!

Whether you want to opt for subtle choices like star earrings or snowflake bracelets or you’re keen to get fully into the Christmas spirit with Santa clause earrings and reindeer necklaces, Christmas-themed jewellery is a great way to celebrate the fun of the festive season. These jewellery pieces also make great talking points and will put a smile on everyone’s face.



From just £510

Chunky Chain Necklaces

Chunky chain necklaces are a popular jewellery choice for the festive season and we’re confident they’re here to stay! These gorgeous jewellery pieces are a great option whether you’re dressing up or not as they work with every outfit. Whether you’re looking to turn heads, make a statement, or enjoy a quiet night in, opting for a chunky chain necklace is a must.

Chunky chains are available in many different styles, however the most popular are silver and gold as these typically lend themselves to any type of look.

According to InStyle, “Chain necklaces pair well with everything, one reason they’re so popular – and hey, we love a versatile accessory when we see one.

You can just as easily wear them with a classic white tee as you can with a little black dress, and the effect is all the same: Your outfit is instantly infused with an air of glamour.”

Signet Rings

Signet Rings

From just £595

Signet Rings

Are you searching for that fashion jewellery piece that will help you stand out from the crowd? Signet rings are the way to go. This perfect jewellery choice is becoming increasingly popular and is the ultimate symbol of luxury. Originating in the hands of religious leaders and pharaohs, signet rings are a great way to up the ante.

According to The Gentleman’s Gazette, “For thousands of years, men of influence have been donning a wearable form of identification and communication known as the signet ring. Today, this remarkable ring is a common style accessory that can be worn by any gentleman […] The signet ring remains one of the most common types of rings in menswear.”

Whether passed down through generations or custom-made to express your individuality, signet rings add a unique touch to any outfit and are a great way to make a statement. Gold signet rings tend to be the most popular and they are a great way to add a sense of warmth to your Christmas celebrations.

In Summary

Christmas is the best time for getting creative with your jewellery pieces. From work parties and nights out drinking to family dinners and cosy nights in, there are plenty of opportunities for a little opulence.

We hope the jewellery picks we’ve shared provide some inspiration and help you add some sparkle to your Christmas celebrations in 2023.

Jewellery Inspired by the Seasons

Seasons change and so does fashion. Styling your jewellery choices to compliment the changing seasons is a lovely way to celebrate beauty and embrace the passing of time.

However, many people find seasonal styling a little intimidating. So, if the thought makes you nervous, you’re not the only one. Seasonal styling isn’t as easy as you think.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. This article will provide you with guidance and advice on how to style your jewellery appropriately for each season.

Through the advice in this article, we hope to help enhance your look and boost your confidence.

Seasonal Jewellery that Works All Year Round

The best part about choosing jewellery for each season is that you can compliment your outfits all year round. Whether you want to enhance your casual look or you want a statement piece to compliment your formal attire, seasonal bespoke jewellery pieces bring out the best in your outfit, helping you look and feel good all year round.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of your jewellery choices through every season:

Layer Jewellery Pieces

Jewellery layering has become particularly popular in recent years. Basic layering techniques such as multiple chains of different lengths pair beautifully with both casual and formal outfits. If you want to experiment with jewellery layers, try pieces with different lengths, shapes, and colours to add points of interest.

For example, pairing a choker with an extra long chain necklace can help draw attention by creating multiple points of interest. According to Willow Tree, “when layered, you create a range of visual interests based on the lengths, textures, and finishes. And later, when paired with a colourful gemstone pendant, you’ll start taking things to the next level!”

Layering can also be achieved if you have multiple ear piercings. You can combine stud earrings with hoops or longer drop earrings to create interest.

Basic layering is a popular year-round technique and a great way to show off your favourite jewellery pieces.

Statement Jewellery

It’s never too late to wear that statement piece you love. And the great thing about statement pieces is they can be worn all year round; simply match the jewellery’s colour with your seasonal colour palette.

Statement jewellery is a great way to add some personality to your outfit and helps you celebrate those special occasions in style.

All-round Jewellery Pieces

Do you have that go-to piece of jewellery you just love to wear? Perhaps it’s a simple necklace or a pair of stud earrings. Whatever it is, having a go-to item of jewellery is a must. They’re ideal if you’re rushing out the door and you just want something simple that goes with your outfit.

All-round jewellery pieces never go out of style. What’s more they’re a great way to take your outfit to the next level and are often suitable for any occasion. A win-win.

Jewellery for Each Season

If you love jewellery and you’re keen to follow the current trends, you know that every season has its signature jewellery to celebrate the changing tones and styles.

Let’s take a look at the best jewellery for every season and how you can celebrate the latest trends all year round.

0.72ct Sapphire & Diamond Flower Cluster Ring 1.01ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Flower Cluster Pendant 0.38ct Round Emerald & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Earrings
Sapphire & Diamond Flower Cluster Ring 1.01ct Diamond Flower Cluster Pendant Emerald & Diamond Cluster Earrings
 £1,885  £2,750  £1,575


Spring is that glorious time of year where everything is new. According to Wikipedia, “Spring and ‘springtime’ refer to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.” Reflecting this in your jewellery choices is a lovely nod to this time of year and a great way to embrace the warmer weather on its way.

Spring jewellery celebrates nature-inspired designs. Everything from floral patterns and bright colours to chunky bracelets and earrings with vibrant designs and eye-catching patterns. Embrace all that spring has to offer by injecting a little colour into your jewellery choices.

18ct Yellow Gold Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings 8.5mm x 9mm 0.90ct Pear Shaped Aquamarine & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Pendent 0.66ct Pear Shaped Fancy Yellow & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo Ring
Gold & Pearl Stud Earrings Aquamarine & Diamond Pendant Yellow Diamond Halo Ring
 £465  £1,025  £4,950


If you live in a good climate, summer is the season of warmth. Summer-themed jewellery celebrates warmer temperatures with vibrant colours, funky light earrings, and pearl jewellery pieces that compliment the hot summer days with cooler vibes.

Summer is typically the season for floral dresses and t-shirts and shorts. It’s the perfect time to show a little extra skin and embrace sea-inspired jewellery pieces like shell necklaces and pearl earrings.

Whether you spend your summer sunbathing on the beach or at BBQ’s with friends, there’s always the opportunity to improve your outfit with a great jewellery choice.

9ct Yellow Gold Figaro Necklace 0.82ct Oval Emerald & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring 2.41ct Pear Shaped Peridot Stud Earrings
Yellow Gold Figaro Necklace Emerald & Diamond Trilogy Ring Peridot Stud Earrings
 £360  £4,075  £1,080


Okay, it’s that time of year when the warmer weather is starting to disappear and be replaced by wintry winds and frosty mornings. However, despite the cooler days setting in, autumn is a great time to embrace layers – both in your wardrobe and your jewellery choices.

We spoke about layering above. But it’s basically about accessorising with jewellery of different colours, shapes, and lengths. For example, you can accessorise your turtleneck jumpers with long necklaces and your blazers with stud and hoop earrings.

For a more casual look, opt for a chunky chain necklace. Chunky chains compliment everything from sweaters and t-shirts to cocktail dresses making them the ideal go-to autumn jewellery piece.

Top tip: autumn is a favourite season for many as the changing colours transform the surrounding landscape. As a nod to this, opt for warmer shades in your jewellery choices like orange, maroon, and dark greens. These tones will bring out the best in your outfits and highlight the beautiful colours of the autumn season.

0.70ct Opal & Diamond Drop Earrings 0.32ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring 0.90ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant
Opal & Diamond Drop Earrings Diamond Solitaire Ring Diamond Solitaire Pendant
 £835  £2,135  £7,360


Winter can be a challenging time of year. It’s cold and the days are so much shorter which can make you feel tired and sluggish. However, it also means the Christmas season is around the corner and celebrations are in order.

Winter is a great time of year to embrace earrings and bracelets. All those clothing layers can make it difficult to show off your favourite necklace. So, it’s best to opt for earrings and bracelets that add a little something to your outfit.

Popular choices in the winter months include sterling silver jewellery pieces, pearl earrings that add warmth to any skin tone, and crystal hanging earrings that add sparkle to your outfit. Winter is a great time of year to embrace a little sparkle as it helps brighten up the darker days and bring a sense of joy and excitement.

Final Thoughts

Jewellery inspired by the seasons is a beautiful thing. It helps you embrace the best each season has to offer, feel confident all year round, and brings out the best in your outfits.

We hope the suggestions in this article have provided you with some inspiration. There are many ways you can up your jewellery game and take your accessories to the next level.

Winter Wedding Accessories & Ideas

Winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to go all out with something sparkly. Fairylights abound in the venue and snow or rain adds an iridescent glow to the proceedings. Letting your jewellery reflect this glittery, and glittering, occasion is a must for any bride. And there are several different ways you can go about achieving the winter wedding of your dreams.

Choose the colours of winter, or Christmas if you are having a December wedding, and dress your wedding venue and your own accessories to suit. It’s your day, so you can do whatever you want. Hopefully this article will help you with some ideas and inspire you to get creative.

Silver Oval T Bar Cufflinks Sterling Silver Locket & Chain Silver Round Onyx & Diamond Cufflinks
Silver Oval T Bar Cufflinks Sterling Silver Locket & Chain Silver Round Onyx & Diamond Cufflinks
 £105  £135  £160

Silver to shine

Silver is always considered a winter colour, with its cool tones mimicking the cold outside. Think snow queen vibes. And, if you can’t be a queen on your wedding day, when can you? Of course, if you don’t want to go for actual silver, white gold and platinum will have the same effect.

Choose all your jewellery accessories in these silvery shades to complement each other and the season. Match it to your other wedding accessories, with silver candlesticks, platters and table decorations and choose lighting which will make the most of the added sparkle.

0.11ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Set Wedding Ring 18ct White Gold Cultured Pearl & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Drop Earrings 0.22ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Leaf Design Half Eternity Ring
Diamond Set Wedding Ring White Gold Cultured Pearl & Round Diamond Drop Earrings Diamond Leaf Design Half Eternity Ring
 £1,885  £1,620  £1,640

Pearls and diamonds

Continuing the snow and ice theme, pearls and diamonds are the gems to use in your silver jewellery. Mix and match or choose just one and wear a necklace, earrings and a bracelet in your chosen style. You could even add a hair slide or brooch to affix your veil, and add strings of pearls to your bouquet.

The options are unlimited, and this is your chance to go big on your accessories for your big day. We have an excellent range of bridal jewellery sets to give you some inspiration. But do check out our full range of jewellery online if you want something specific.

0.30ct Round Ruby & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Earrings 0.25ct Round Emerald & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Pendant 0.76ct Pear Shape Ruby & Diamond Solitaire Ring
Ruby & Diamond Cluster Earrings Emerald & Diamond Pendant Ruby & Diamond Solitaire Ring
 £1,520  £2,675  £2,070

Rubies and emeralds

For a truly festive feel, gold jewellery set with rubies and emeralds is the way forward. You can really embrace the Christmas season as part of your wedding day, with colourful reds and greens incorporated into your wedding accessories, perhaps combined with some foliage such as holly and ivy or beautiful poinsettias.

The rich colours of rubies and emeralds will shine magnificently against the backdrop of a wedding dress, as well as giving you jewellery you can continue to wear every Christmas (or any other time you like!), bringing back the magic of your wedding day every year.

Be inspired by nature

Nature is abundant in winter, with evergreen plants, pine cones and stripped twigs easily available to forage and make up some marvellous table displays and decorations. If nature is something you are passionate about, then be inspired by the shapes and textures and opt for jewellery with leaf, flower or tree motifs.

We particularly love this white gold cut diamond dragonfly pendant which is perfect for a nature-themed wedding and also comes with matching earrings. Or for something more dramatic, these flower-inspired ruby earrings are ideal in December. Although we’d happily wear them at any time of year!

Table favours

Of course, wedding accessories aren’t just about accessorising what you are wearing, setting off your outfit with different types of jewellery. But, that doesn’t mean that precious metals and jewels can’t also be incorporated into other areas of the celebration.

Table favours are still traditionally provided for wedding guests, so having something silver to complement other areas of the wedding set-up makes a lot of sense. We aren’t suggesting you lavish expensive jewellery on your guests, unless you really want to, but there are ways of adding pearl beads and glass ‘diamonds’ to your gifts, to signify the overall theme of your wedding.

Table favours originated in the UK during the time of Queen Victoria, when sugar cubes were given to guests in fabric bags. This was at a time when sugar was an expensive commodity, but for a cheap alternative for your winter wedding, sugar cubes could be a great choice and very on point.

Cutting the cake

No need to forget the cake either. Strings of pearls around the tiers can look great on a wedding cake – again, faux pearls will be better than real ones, in this particularly sticky situation. Even the knife you use to cut the cake could have a pearl-encrusted handle. Dragees, or silver balls as they are more commonly known, can also be utilised to create a winter wonderland of icy colours in your cake decoration.

Or, add some holly with green leaves and red berries if you are opting for the festive colours in your wedding theme. Boiled sweets could also be used on the cake to replicate rubies and emeralds, if you want to tie everything together with your wedding jewellery.

Final thoughts

Winter weddings are the perfect excuse to really dial up the glamour and go all out on your accessories, to make everywhere sparkle as much as the happy bride. Jewellery is the ideal way to add that enchantment to the overall occasion, and reflecting your chosen jewellery in other areas of the wedding, such as the venue and the floral displays, is a great opportunity to tie everything together in a coherent combination.

We have some fantastic jewellery choices available for a winter wedding, whether you are going for sophisticated and modern or a more traditional and vintage feel. Have a look at our range online or contact us to see what else we could find to make your day even more special than it already is.

How to Order a Bespoke Piece of Jewellery

One of the many beautiful things about jewellery is that it can be designed and made so it is completely unique to you. And, pretty much anything goes, so you can make something really special.

By ordering a bespoke piece of jewellery you can be sure that nobody else will have the same item, and you can choose which metal you want used, what design is created and the specific gemstones that are set into it. It truly is a one-of-a-kind piece, often made for a one-of-a-kind person.

Bespoke Jewellery Design

Bespoke Designs

Enquire today


If you are ordering a bespoke piece of jewellery to be given to somebody else, you may decide to collaborate with them on the design, so that it can be made to their own desire and specification. Or, if it is to be a surprise, it is worth trying to subtly find out from that person what they might like, either by asking them, looking at what styles and colours of jewellery they already own, or by enlisting a friend or family member to find out.

It is worth listening to the designer you have chosen to create the jewellery too, as they will likely have good ideas as to what works with what, and the various strengths of different types of metals, what will be most easily moulded into shape and all the other aspects that you might not immediately think about yourself.


Let loose your creative side! There is no point going bespoke if you end up having something made that could just as easily be an off-the-shelf item. If you want to mix three different types of gold and have a rainbow effect of stones, then go for it. An oversized pendant on an excessively long chain? Absolutely. Mismatched earrings that symbolise something special? No problem.

Get advice from the jeweller as to what can be done, and how easy it will be to wear, what clasps might be best, and all the things for which they have years of experience and knowledge. As long as something can actually be made, then the world is your oyster. And you might as well incorporate the pearl too, while you’re at it.

Jewllery Valuations

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From £1,020

Options for metals and stones

Everyone knows the traditional and popular metals – gold and silver – and the best-known stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. But there is no reason to stop there. Palladium is increasing in popularity as a metal for jewellery and for something particularly special platinum is an excellent choice too.

Amethysts are beautiful, and often overlooked, stones for someone who likes rich colours in their jewellery, while peridot is a more subtle green shade and aquamarine is a lovely pale blue. It is worth considering some of these lesser-used stones in a bespoke piece, for their own rarity in commercially available jewellery.

Upcycling existing jewellery

If you, or your intended recipient, has an old piece of jewellery that is never worn or has become cracked or broken from over-wearing, then you could opt to have a new piece of jewellery made from that previous piece. This could take the form of reshaping and adding more onto a ring or pendant, or melting down the metal and using the stones to create something entirely different.

Upcycled jewellery will save you money on materials and could also mean that any sentimental value that is attached to the item still remains. It is also better for the environment for it to be reused and recycled, so it is a win-win for everyone.

Pick your designer wisely

You want a jeweller whom you can trust. Someone who listens to what you want and will do their utmost to achieve it for you. Allow them to offer you suggestions based on their experience, but ultimately the final decision is yours. When you go bespoke, you want it to be exactly how you want it to feel and look aesthetically or there is no point.

Some jewellery designers are specialists in certain types of metal or more experienced in setting stones or creating intricate designs. Shop around and find someone whose work you like, talk to several jewellers, and make an informed decision based on the rapport you have with them. There is no limit to what can be achieved, if you find the right person.

Make sure that everything for your bespoke design is discussed in advance, as any changes you make at a later date are likely to be charged extra or might not be able to be implemented.

18ct Yellow Gold Wedding Band 18ct Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings 9ct Yellow Gold Link Bracelet
18ct Yellow Gold Wedding Band 18ct Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings
9ct Yellow Gold Link Bracelet
 £530  £555  £1,195

What items of bespoke jewellery can be made?

Engagement rings and wedding rings are the most commonly requested bespoke items, making a special piece of jewellery even more personal to its wearer. But there is no reason why necklaces, bracelets and earrings shouldn’t also be made as bespoke items.

If you want something to help you stand out in a crowd and wow everyone around you, then any of these as bespoke items will likely do that, making you the envy of all your friends and creating an excellent talking point.

Final thoughts

Our team of jewellers is highly regarded and award-winning, using the best materials we can find, with gemstones sourced from around the world. So, contact us today to find out what we could create for you and let us work our magic on a truly bespoke piece of jewellery for you or a loved one.

Guide to Cufflinks

Cufflinks are the accessory of choice for any discerning gentleman, as well as making a great gift for the man in your life. But, how did they come into fashion and what should you look out for when buying a pair of cufflinks?

Read our definitive guide to cufflinks, and find out everything you need to know about these tiny pieces of men’s jewellery, what styles are available and the investment potential they can provide.



From just £105

A history of cufflinks

It was King Charles II who popularised wearing cufflinks and brought them into the consciousness of the masses. Tailors had started using stitched buttonholes in shirt cuffs and affixing them with coloured buttons attached with a chain in the 17th Century. But it was due to the stylish King wearing them in public that they became part of a gentleman’s regular dress, and were often given as gifts leading into the 18th Century.

During the Victorian period, jewellery became more ostentatious and it wasn’t unusual for highly polished gold or silver cufflinks adorned with gemstones or intricate designs to be worn on a daily basis.

Now, most cuffs have buttons already sewn on, as mass-produced shirts are the norm, but the resurgence of the French double cuff in recent years has seen cufflinks come back into fashion. They are seen as a status symbol in many, but with designs ranging from sensible and sedate to the weird and wacky, they are just as much a fashion statement as anything else.

When should cufflinks be worn?

Cufflinks provide the finishing touch to any suit and can be worn to reflect the personality of the wearer, giving men an adornment that can be used to portray their own style and tastes.

Most cufflinks are worn with a suit jacket or blazer, with the cuffs sticking out of the bottom of the sleeve to show off the jewellery. But, they are now just as often seen on standard shirts in a more casual setting, making them a highly versatile addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Cufflinks are pretty much always worn at weddings, both by the groom and his groomsmen. In fact, cufflinks are often given to the wedding party as a gift on the day and worn there and then so that they all match, or are personalised with each person’s initials as a keepsake memento of the day.

Silver Oval T Bar Cufflinks Silver Round Onyx & Diamond Cufflinks 9ct Yellow Gold Antique Round Chain Link Cufflinks
Silver Oval T Bar Silver Onyx & Diamond 9ct Gold Antique Round
 £105  £155  £710

Function v design

The function of a cufflink, as you might expect from the name, is to link the cuff of a shirtsleeve together. As long as they achieve that and don’t fall out because they are too loose or the clasp is faulty, or are too tight so that movement is restricted or they pop off the sleeve, then they are doing what they are supposed to do.

More often than not, it is the design of a cufflink that draws someone to them, rather than the practicalities. If you need a pair of cufflinks for a particular shirt or outfit, then choosing ones that complement it nicely or suit your own style is likely to be of even more importance than whether they are going to stand up to the rigours of your daily life.

Mechanics of cufflinks

There are several different types of backs you can get for cufflinks, with various clasps available to affix them to your sleeves. One of the most popular types is the bullet back, which just slides straight through the hole and then locks horizontally, much like a treasury tag.

For something more fancy, a whale tale is a more obvious and flashy back to a cufflink, looking exactly as the name suggests, like the tale of a whale, which flips back to secure the cufflink in place.

A chain link is very traditional, but can sometimes mean that the cufflinks are not as tightly secured as some of the other more modern clasps which are generally quite substantial. The same is true of a fixed back cufflink, where there are no moving parts and it just gets slotted through the whole and then the bulbous back acts as a stopper.

Vintage cufflinks

Enamel cufflinks grew in popularity in the early 20th Century, and are still very much en vogue in vintage and antique jewellery selections. The enamel can be coloured in any shade and style making them a versatile choice. These smart oval striped gold enamelled cufflinks are some of our favourites.

Because cufflinks have been in fashion for many years, there are lots of vintage examples available, in various shapes, sizes and materials. The flat surface of many cufflinks makes them ideal for engraving too, perfect for giving as a truly unique gift.

18ct Gold Chain Link Cufflinks 9ct Yellow Gold Oval Double Link Cufflinks 18ct White Gold Lapis Lazuli & Diamond Cufflinks
18ct Gold Chain Link 9ct Gold Double Link White Gold Lapis Lazuli & Diamond
 £1,550  £1,625  £1,900

Investment potential

Famous auction house Sotheby’s has long included cufflinks in their sale catalogue, with prices regularly reaching in excess of the £2,000 mark, with those in solid gold and studded with jewels going for even more. Who could believe something so tiny could be so valuable?

Since they are only worn occasionally, cufflinks tend to keep their lustre and remain in excellent condition, making their resale worth higher than many other kinds of jewellery. Make sure to keep them in their box when they are not being worn, and you could find yourself, or your descendants, sitting on a gold mine in years to come.

Final thoughts

We have a lovely selection of cufflinks in stock in our Guildford showroom, in different shapes and colours and styles, so there is bound to be something that suits your requirements.

Come and visit us today, make an enquiry or simply explore our range of cufflinks online. It’s the smart thing to do.

After Baby Gifts

Giving a gift to the mother of a child shortly after she has given birth has been popular in the USA for several years, and is now gaining momentum in the UK. It is generally presented by the father of the child, or the mother’s partner, but is equally as common among best friends.

The push present, as it is colloquially known, first entered the celebrity world in 2008 when Marc Antony gave J-lo an expensive gift after the birth of their son. And other celebrities soon followed suit. This, of course, meant it was then introduced by members of the public who were keen to emulate the trend.

Eternity Rings

Eternity Rings

From just £650

Eternity rings

Kate Middleton was given a diamond eternity ring by husband Prince William when Prince George was born, which she appears to wear on a daily basis, stacked with her engagement and wedding rings. Gifting a ring on special occasions, such as all the above, is a special way of showing your love and admiration for your partner. It signifies a never-ending bond, much like that of a mother and her child.

Eternity rings don’t just have to be diamonds; many are set with other stones or incorporate an intricate design into their shape, so there will be something to suit everyone’s tastes, styles and budgets. It should be easy to match to an engagement ring too, should you wish to do so.

Coloured Gemstones

Coloured Gemstones

From just £650

Jewellery denoting birthdate

Of course, every birth has a stone which is usually celebrated for the month and a zodiac sign, so why not incorporate one of these into the jewellery you buy as an after-baby gift? This could be the relevant birthstone as a pair of earrings, ring or a bracelet, or perhaps a subtle zodiac sign pendant necklace.

Birthstones in jewellery first appeared in 1870, when Tiffany & Co brought out a leaflet suggesting them as suitable gifts. But their origins are thought to stem as far back as the first century, thanks to the breastplate of high priest Aaron. They are thought to have healing properties, to cleanse the soul and ease anxieties – exactly what a mother may feel she needs after giving birth and needing to raise a child.



From just £270

Blue or pink stones

You could go very traditional and give a gift that includes a blue or pink stone depending on the gender of the baby. If you have more than one child, this could become a common theme in your after-baby gifts.

Sapphires are the obvious choice for a blue stone, but don’t forget aquamarine for a more baby blue. You can also get pink sapphires, so you may wish to give these to complement any blue sapphires for boys – especially if you have one-of-each twins. Opal is another pale pink option and will look good with anything the recipient chooses to wear.

Initials Pendant

Initials Pendant

From just £790

Initialisation or engraving

Having the name and/or birth date engraved onto an item of jewellery also makes for an excellent keepsake that can be handed down to the child at a suitable point in their life too. If you were to gift a locket, not only could this be personally engraved, but it could also hold a photo of the baby, with the addition of the baby’s hair too at a later date.

Initialisation or name necklaces are the must-have accessory among celebrities, so why not follow their example and gift one to the mother of your child with the initial or name of the baby? Again, if you have several children, you could give them an initial pendant for each child, to be worn on the same necklace.

Arty gifts

For something that can be put on display for everyone to see, a thoughtful art-based after-baby gift is a great addition. This could be something like a painting or sketch of the baby, or the whole family, or something by which the early years can really be remembered such as a cast or ink print of their hand and foot. Who can resist little baby feet, after all?!

To complement these craft and creative ideas, a piece of jewellery that incorporates a tiny footprint motif, could bring them both together in a cohesive and special way, that only the two of you know the significance.

Family tree

As your family grows, producing a family tree – either in a traditional format or as something more quirky and unique to you – is a wonderful way of showing how much family means to you. It is heartfelt and shows a lot of thought has gone into the gift.

Combine it with jewellery that features a tree of life as a memento of how your family, and love, has grown together, and will continue to do so.

Final thoughts

You may think that the baby is the best gift of all, and you’d be right. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t also mark the occasion with something special for your loved one. It doesn’t even have to be a gift for someone who has given birth; adoption and fostering gifts are just as much appreciated and create a bond between you all.

It is best to give something long-lasting and potentially suitable for nursing mothers, so jewellery is the perfect keepsake for the memories you will all create together. Call into our Guildford showroom or take a look at our extensive choice on our website, to help you decide what to get your significant other.

Now, you just need to decide on a name!

Gifts for Animal Lovers

When it comes to jewellery, it isn’t cats, dogs and rabbits which are high up on the design list, but some of the more exotic and unusual animals get more of a look-in. Snakes and butterflies have long been popular animals depicted in jewellery, going back to Ancient Rome and Egyptian times, and are still regularly seen in designs today.

Any animal can be reproduced in jewellery, in gold or silver, or picked out in gemstones, making it the ideal gift for any animal lover in your life, whatever their creature of choice. However they want to wear their animal, there is bound to be a piece of jewellery to suit.

0.10ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Dragonfly Pendant 0.15ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Dragonfly Earrings 18ct Yellow Gold Mouse Shaped Brooch
Diamond Dragonfly Pendant Diamond Dragonfly Earrings Gold Mouse Shaped Brooch
 £695  £840  £1,125

History of animals in jewellery

The ancient Greeks and Romans were very fond of wearing jewellery and it often signified certain traits that they wanted to show off. An eagle, for example, was used to denote power, so anyone wearing one was thought to be an authority figure. The same was true of lions.

This depiction of personal qualities was carried on into the Middle Ages and beyond. With times in religious and political upheaval, animals were thought to offer comfort and solace to those in trouble. Dragons were particularly popular as a way of warding off evil.

As we moved into the Victorian period, insects and birds were often found in jewellery, to show the wearer’s love of nature, beauty and freedom. Flowers were equally as popular, for the same reasons.

Now, it is often endangered species that are shown in jewellery design, as a way of support for those animals. These are regularly made using sustainable materials and ethically-sourced metals and stones, with respect for the environment ever-growing in momentum, and fashion.

Celebrity animal jewellery

Frenchman Rene Lalique is one of the best-known and most revered designers of animal jewellery. His work was created in the 20th century and featured fish, swans and dragonflies among his collection. His use of organic shapes and motifs in his jewellery designs was recognised worldwide and is still popular today.

SOURCE: The Jewellery Editor

Cartier have often featured panthers in their designs, but Mexican actress Maria Felix had an altogether more unusual request, actually visiting the Paris store accompanied by a crocodile, to provide inspiration for her jewellery. The crocodile collar necklace it provoked can now be seen in the American Museum of Natural History.

Now on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Beyonce was once the owner of a mechanical butterfly ring in which the wings actually fluttered as the wearer’s finger bent. It was encrusted in tiny diamonds to give it the ethereal and floaty feel of a butterfly itself.

How to use animals in jewellery

Brooches, earrings and cufflinks are often the easiest items to make into the form of a recognisable animal, due to their flat surfaces and easily mouldable shaping opportunities, with everything from delicate dragonflies, popular parrots and crabby crustaceans to somewhat more unusual aquatic life such as stingrays and seahorses, being recreated in jewellery form.

Whatever your friend’s predilection for animals, be it domestic pets or zoological wildlife, you will be bound to find something that suits them, however subtle or outrageous they want it to be. So, take a walk on the wild side and see what you can discover.

There is also a huge variety of animal charms for necklaces and bracelets available on the open market, with pretty much any species of animal you can think of having its own adornment portrayal. Animals are never going to not be popular, so it will always be easy to find something that suits your animal-loving recipient.

Unusual designs

Jewellery doesn’t have to have a lifelike representation of the animal either. Often some of the best designs are more abstract but still give enough of a look and feel of the animal to make it perceptible to the human eye.

Some of the best designs for animal-themed jewellery are in the vintage and antique jewellery section. Because animal jewellery never goes out of fashion, it will have been handed down from generation to generation from as far back as you can imagine. It will often be more colourful than any other design too, so perfect for a unique one-of-a-kind gift for an animal lover.

Personalisation for pets

People often want their pets immortalised in their jewellery. This could be an accurate design of a specific animal, or perhaps a paw print on the back of a locket which contains a photo of the pet, or even their ashes being used in a ring or pendant.

Engraving the names of pets onto jewellery, such as the inside of rings, is also an option for many animal lovers. It is a quick and easy way to remember a pet on a daily basis, but without being as ostentatiously obvious about it.

Final thoughts

If your friend or loved one is an animal lover, then finding a gift for them is usually quite an easy process. But, for something they will treasure forever, animal jewellery is an excellent option that will put you at the top of their Christmas list.

Our bespoke jewellery service can make something that is completely unique to them, or check out our range of lockets for something off-the-shelf which you can personalise to suit. Our team of craftsmen are highly-skilled in all areas of jewellery design and production, and will happily provide you with a piece of animal-themed jewellery to roar about!

Anniversary Gift Guide

Wedding anniversaries all have their own material which denotes the traditional present you should be giving your partner each year. However, not everyone holds with tradition and many would sooner go their own way when it comes to deciding on a suitable anniversary gift.

Whatever your preference, you can never really go wrong with jewellery for the man or woman in your life. With such a huge variety of options, it can sometimes be difficult to choose, but we hope this anniversary gift guide will help you to make the important decisions when it comes to buying the perfect piece.

And, if not, browse the rest of our website for further inspiration. Alternatively, we are only a phone call away, and will happily offer you the benefit of our expertise and advice on what to pick.


Eternity Rings

From just £650

Put a ring on it…again

Taylor Swift may be just as happy with paper (1st anniversary) rings, but most people would probably prefer something more sparkly and expensive.

An eternity ring is a great way to show that your love has and is lasting for eternity. The beauty of these rings is that they come in a wide range of styles and metals, with various different gemstones, so there really is something to suit everyone, and at all budgets.

Signet rings are also a popular choice for the man in your life. You could even choose to get it engraved with the date of your wedding…so there is no excuse for him not remembering your anniversary!

If you do want to go traditional, a gemstone ring for the relevant year is another way of marking the occasion. This could be something that matches the style of your wedding or engagement ring, but worn on the neighbouring finger. Or, something completely different, that could be worn on a finger on the other hand and shows off their personality.

Yearly traditions

Pearls (30th), rubies (40th), sapphires (45th), emeralds (55th) and diamonds (60th) all lend themselves to being used in jewellery for those anniversary celebration years, be it rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or even cufflinks.

The 42nd anniversary is denoted by clocks or watches, so this is the ideal excuse to present your other half with a timepiece, such as one of our pocket watches. For the more romantic amongst you, you could reason it with reflecting on the time you have already spent together and the many more hours, minutes and seconds you want to continue to spend with them.

Randomly, the 14th anniversary is the one designated for specifically giving gold jewellery, so that seems like too good an opportunity to pass up, especially for those of you who struggle to think of suitable gifts for your loved ones.

1.03ct Six Claw Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring 1.10ct Marquise Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring 0.57ct Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Ring
1.03ct Diamond Solitaire Ring 1.10ct Marquise Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring 0.57ct Yellow Diamond Cluster Ring
 £13,250  £8,850  £3,695

Make it unique

Our selection of vintage jewellery is sure to mean that when you turn up to a party no one will have the same piece as you, meaning you are giving or receiving a truly unique gift. For something particularly different, opt for a brooch rather than the more usual styles of jewellery, with gold, silver and cameos all offering individual appeal.

Cufflinks are an excellent option as a unique gift for men. They stand the test of time and have been used for years, meaning that vintage cufflinks are something to be treasured. They will often have glamorous art deco designs or be created to stand out, rather than just a simple gold or silver. Although, of course, those are available too, if understated minimalism is more your thing.

You could also go bespoke and get an item of jewellery specifically created for your loved one. We can incorporate gems and materials from other older pre-loved items of jewellery, including family heirlooms, to create something entirely new and different.

Jewellery sets

Sometimes, we just don’t know what to wear with what, when it comes to mixing and matching different jewellery items. Take the pressure off, by giving a jewellery set that includes similar or complementary pieces, such as a necklace and earrings featuring twin gemstones or the same design, such as flowers (4th anniversary). You could even add to the flower theme with an actual bouquet featuring the flowers from the jewellery too, for extra anniversary brownie points.

Mirroring the shapes of gemstones and designs is an alternative option here. Cuts such as oval, baguette or pear can be copied across rings, studs or drop earrings and pendants to provide a fashionable symmetry regardless of metal or colour.

Box them up together and have them professionally gift-wrapped to make them look as made for each other as you and your other half.

Final thoughts

Really, the most important aspect of your anniversary is to not forget it! Whether you have a quiet and cosy night in with just the two of you, or go all out and have a full-on party with a hundred friends in a swanky venue to celebrate in style. And, as long as your chosen gift comes from the heart, then it is sure to be cherished by your partner.

If you are still stuck for ideas, please feel free to contact us, or if you’d prefer to have a browse then do come to our showroom in Guildford, where one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the perfect gift for your perfect person.

How to Secretly Find Your Partner’s Ring Size

So, you have decided to take the plunge and pop the question to your significant other, and you are ready to buy the ring of their dreams. But, how do you know what size to get? Although rings can be resized up or down by a grade, much more than that and you will lose the strength and robustness of the material which will denigrate it and make it far less likely to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. So, the closest you can get in terms of matching your partner’s ring size, the better.

If the proposal is due to be a secret, and not something that you have discussed much between you, you will likely also need to buy their ring in secret, which makes it a lot harder to know what size they wear.

Use another ring

The obvious way of finding out your partner’s ring size is to ‘borrow’ a ring from them which they already wear regularly on the ring finger of their right hand and then take it to a jewellers’ to get measured, before returning it without your partner noticing. Of course, this might be easier said than done, for many reasons.

Perhaps your partner doesn’t usually wear much jewellery and doesn’t have a ring that they normally wear. Conversely, perhaps they do have a ring that they wear, but they never take it off and would notice immediately if it weren’t on their nightstand. Maybe they have lost or gained weight recently, so their usual rings don’t fit them anymore. The pitfalls are endless.

If you don’t want to take one of their rings, see if you are able to draw round the inside circumference of it, and then bring that to us and we should be able to take an accurate measurement for an engagement ring from that. There are also mobile phone apps which allow you to put the ring on your screen and it will determine the ring size. It is not an entirely foolproof method, but it is better than nothing.

Solitaire Diamond Rings

Solitaire Diamond Rings

From just £785

Use your friends and family

You could use your family to find out your partner’s ring size. This could be by pretending that you want to buy a ring for another female member of your own family (eg your mother or sister) and casually asking your girlfriend what their ring size is, to help you choose. You could even take her with you when you go to look for this pretend ring, and let her try some on and encourage her to let you know which type she prefers. This will all help you to select a ring that she likes in both fit and style.

Alternatively, your family or friends could be commandeered to ask your partner what size ring they are, just handily dropped into conversation. Perhaps they could be showing off an eternity ring they are wearing, and can find out subtly and naturally from that. Even better if they have an engagement ring too and your partner is encouraged to try it on. This will help to give you a ballpark size and your partner may also expand on what she looks for in an engagement ring, making it win-win all round.

Compare and contrast

A slightly left-field suggestion, but still an option if all else fails, is to compare your fingers to your partner’s when you are holding hands. It may be that their ring finger is similar in size to your little finger, for example. So, at least that gives you something to work with, even though it isn’t as accurate a solution as you might hope.

Perhaps they have a sister or friend whom you see them with regularly and you are able to determine they have similar finger sizes, so you can ask them what their ring size is to give you a starting point.

Extra considerations

Different widths of ring will have slightly different ring sizes. So, a chunkier ring is often a tighter fit to a slimmer band. To err on the side of caution, we suggest sizing up rather than down, so that the ring will at least go on their finger when you propose.

Temperature changes and hormones can mean fingers expand or contract, with the heat making them swell. This is also often true in a morning, with your fingers settling down to their usual size as the day progresses.

You could choose to propose with a cheap ring and then suggest that you and your partner go and choose the actual engagement ring together. You could even select your wedding bands at the same time. This ensures you are not spending too much on a ring that is completely the wrong size. It can be very romantic going to a jewellers’ together to pick out a ring, and you can be absolutely sure it fits and that your partner is happy with the style too.

Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

From just £360

Final thoughts

Don’t let not knowing your partner’s ring size stress you out unnecessarily and put you off the whole idea of proposing. If they really can’t wear the ring on their finger because it is too big or too small, it is seen as cool and edgy to wear the ring on a chain around the neck instead. This also puts it closer to their heart.

Even if it means you have to buy a second alternative ring, all is not lost. It is the thought that counts and, if your partner wants to marry you, they won’t mind at all that they don’t have a perfectly-fitted ring, as long as you are their perfect fit.

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen gifts

Whether you have a bride squad, a groom team, or a couple of valued friends or family members, standing by your side on your wedding day, showing how much you care about them with a small token of your appreciation is a traditional part of the process.

You will have likely already been through a lot together over the years of your friendships, and your wedding day is no exception. They will be there to boost you up, hold your hand and ensure your happy tears don’t ruin your make-up. And that’s not to mention organising a stag and hen do and the myriad other jobs and support they have given you in the lead up to your big day.

Now’s the time to put them in the spotlight for a while, and give them something they will likely cherish forever and will always remind them of you and the moments you have shared.

Bridesmaids Gifts

Bridesmaids Gifts

From just £120

Jewellery to wear on the day

Something that is ever-popular for brides is to give their bridesmaids a piece of jewellery that they will wear on the day of the wedding. This could be a pair of earrings or a necklace with a coloured gemstone that matches or complements the dress they will be wearing.

Or opt for something equally elegant and timeless and choose pearls, which represent love and loyalty – ideal for friends or family who have been with you through thick and thin.

Alternatively, silver signifies lasting friendship and a simple piece like a silver tennis bracelet that can be worn again and again is an excellent choice and will suit every personal style and outfit. An infinity pendant is equally simple but just as effective, and symbolises an eternal friendship between yourself and your bridesmaid.

Sentiments and memories

A wedding day is always full of lasting memories for the bride and groom, but it can also be a special day for those close to you too as they celebrate the union of someone they love. By giving your bridesmaids or groomsmen something they too can use to remember the day, you are not only showing your appreciation but also making them feel involved.

Photos last forever and you will likely have a professional photographer taking shots of your wedding. Give your bridesmaids a locket each and have a photo taken of the two of you to put in it. This will be a great gift for each bridesmaid, but also individually different enough for them to feel special. It will also be a memory of the day and have sentimental value for years to come.


An equally individual gift is anything with some form of personalisation. This could be an engraved piece of jewellery, with names, initials or even a thank you message for all their help and dedication. You can get so many things engraved nowadays and it always adds a certain something to any gift; an added touch that shows just how much you care for the recipient. All our engraving is done free of charge too.

Initial jewellery, such as pendant necklaces, is particularly popular with celebrities. So, give your bridal party the celebrity treatment and gift them a piece with their first initial incorporated into the design. Gold, silver or even diamante – the choices and styles are endless.

Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen Gifts

From just £120

Don’t forget the men!

As the groom, your best man is literally that – the best man in your life – so show him how much he means to you with a thoughtful gift that could be as small and discreet as a signet ring from our antique jewellery collection or something flashy like a new watch, or even go all out with a sophisticated pocket watch. At least the latter means he can be relied upon to get you to your wedding on time!

You may have a few groomsmen or also want to give a small gift to your ushers and anyone else who has assisted you in the lead-up to the big day. A set of fancy cufflinks that they can wear on the day of the wedding and which will set them aside as part of the wedding party are a good option, and they can be worn again and again, so are useful and practical as well as benevolent.

Bespoke jewellery

Can’t find anything you like? Or want something that projects a specific message? Take a look at our options for bespoke jewellery and create a piece yourself that reflects exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it. You could even get your wedding rings created bespoke for yourselves too.

We will help you to create a design that is unique to you, taking inspiration from art deco or Edwardian periods in history to make a bespoke piece of the highest quality. Many of our gemstones are sourced from Sri Lanka, which results in exceptional clarity and the finest of properties.

Final thoughts

However you want to show your friends and family how much they mean to you, anything you give them will be appreciated. But, you can’t go wrong with a piece of jewellery of any kind. It comes from the heart, and will last as long as your friendship.

There is no expectation on you to get anything for your bridesmaids or groomsmen, of course. And you shouldn’t feel you have to. But, if you do want to, then this handy guide should have given you some ideas so you can spend more time planning the wedding and not feel as though you are adding to your to-do list.

Buying Jewellery as an Investment

Bricks and mortar are no longer the safe investment that they once were. With inflation and mortgage rates rising, homes being in negative equity or repossessed are on the increase. But, one item that is still going strong and holding its own in the resale and investment market is jewellery.

We have all heard the adverts on TV and radio and in newspapers where companies say they will buy your gold, and wondered if it is too good to be true.

Our suggestion is that you hang onto it for as long as possible, and then choose to sell it to a reputable jeweller like ourselves, rather than opting for one of the many companies of dubious origin that have sprung up over recent years.

18ct Yellow Gold Wedding Band 18ct Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings 9ct Yellow Gold Link Bracelet
18ct Yellow Gold Wedding Band 18ct Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings
9ct Yellow Gold Link Bracelet
 £530  £555  £1,195

Gold is for life

We aren’t talking about large bullion blocks favoured by pirates and businessmen in 80s movies, but anything that is made of gold will keep its value or see it going up. This could be a small link chain to a pair of earrings to a bulky gold signet ring.

You can either keep your jewellery as it is, in its original format, or you can melt down all the gold and keep it as a single nugget. Of course, the latter seems sacrilege to a jeweller, but we can understand the appeal. It just isn’t as appealing as a beautifully-crafted piece of jewellery that can be handed down from generation to generation and be seen as a family heirloom over the years. But maybe that’s just us.

9.57ct Square Cut Emerald & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Bracelet 3.31ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring 20.65ct Round Ruby & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Necklace
9.57ct Emerald Diamond Bracelet 3.31ct Diamond Trilogy Ring 20.65ct Ruby & Diamond Cluster Necklace
 £28,250  £32,205  £58,850

Gemstones and provenance

The same goes for gemstones. Little black velvet pouches of single diamonds are all very well, but when you can have those diamonds set into a beautiful ring or pendant, then why wouldn’t you? Jewellery is meant to be worn and admired, not hidden away in a box or a drawer never to see the light of day.

Even expensive pieces bought as investments should at least be brought out and shown off on special occasions, or whenever else you feel like it.

It isn’t the case that the flashiest jewellery is the most valuable either. Often small gemstones can be just as expensive as larger ones, as it is all down to the cut and clarity of the stone, and its provenance. So, be aware of that when buying your jewellery and get an expert to value it and view it through a loupe for added credibility and peace of mind. If you can get a certificate of authenticity for your gemstone then that is even better.

15ct Yellow Gold Seed Pearl & Turquoise Bangle 2.00ct Old Cut Diamond Star Brooch Vintage Oval Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring
15ct Gold, Pearl & Turquoise Bangle 2.00ct Diamond Star Brooch Vintage Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring
 £1,795  £4,550  £24,365

Vintage and antique jewellery

When buying jewellery as an investment, vintage or antique pieces are an obvious choice, as they have already stood the test of time and come favourably out the other side.

We specialise in a wide range of antique jewellery, ranging from Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian to the more modern art deco and art nouveau styles. There really is something to suit everyone, and all budgets, in the knowledge that these items will only ever increase in value as they get older. It’s a win-win situation and the perfect investment.

Don’t be put off by the jewellery being second-hand either. If it is being sold by an actual vintage jeweller, then this often means that it will have been well looked-after by its previous owner for many years, as well as given the right kind of cleaning treatment to get rid of any imperfections and improve its lustre before it is sold on again.

0.20ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Wishbone Shaped Half Eternity Ring 0.77ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Bubble Ring 4.15ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Full Eternity Ring
0.20ct Diamond Half Eternity Ring 0.77ct Diamond Bubble Ring 4.15ct Diamond Full Eternity Ring
 £1,295  £4,215  £13,650

Engagement rings and wedding bands

Whichever way you look at it, an engagement ring or wedding band is an investment. It isn’t just a monetary investment, but an investment in your future and that of your spouse. Again, these are often handed down through the generations, as they have as much sentimental value as they do value in pounds and pence.

Engagement and wedding rings are all down to personal preference, so nothing really ever goes out of style. Whether it is a simple gold or platinum band, or something that incorporates a large rock, an engagement or wedding ring is meant to last forever, like the love of the people who wear them. They are often bequeathed in wills separately to any other assets, so investing in an engagement and wedding ring is a wise choice and one that your descendants will be able to benefit from too.

Change of use

As previously mentioned, you may decide that you don’t want your chosen jewellery to stay in its original composition. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to melt it down into a lump. You could just as easily repurpose the metal and change its use. For example, a necklace could be changed into a ring, or a ring could be moulded into a pair of earrings.

The same can be done with stones. Over time, these precious gems can come loose and fall out of their clasps. But that doesn’t have to be the end for them. They can be repaired and reset in an alternative piece. This is often popular if you want a gemstone from a particular piece of jewellery that has been worn by a mother or grandmother, for instance, put into an alternative item to be worn by the daughter or granddaughter.

Final thoughts

Jewellery is one of those things where beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder and every piece is worth whatever someone else will pay for it. Jewellery doesn’t have to be aesthetically appealing to be worth a lot of money. And the prettiest pieces may not be worth very much when it comes down to it.

But, if you like it, then it will always be worth the investment somehow. It is worth visiting antique jewellers and seeing what sorts of items they have in their windows and for what prices, and scouring auction catalogues to see the reserve prices of any jewellery, to help give you some indication of what people are likely to pay for what, and why.

Contact us today and ask one of our experienced staff for a valuation of your jewellery.

Jewellery Trends 2023

Jewellery is something that has a timeless appeal, with sentiment playing as much of a part as fashion. But, that doesn’t mean that the catwalks and display cases around the world won’t feature specific trends each season. For 2023, that means go bold!

Whether that is forgetting everything you know about design and opting for clashing metals, or choosing large statement pieces, 2023 is the time when anything goes and the bigger the better.

Here is a selection of our favourite styles that are making themselves heard this season.

Bracelets and bangles

For a specific item of jewellery, bracelets are in. Adorn your wrist with an array of bangles and let them shine. A simple tennis bracelet can be worn with any outfit, for a more understated look.

Cuffs are gaining in popularity this season too. More practical than lots of bangles and providing that hit-you-in-the-face impact that jewellery is getting known for in 2023, a cuff is the ultimate in bracelet style.

Internet searches for bracelets in 2023 have seen a 67% increase already on last year. So, if you want to get the look, look for a bracelet.

1.24ct Square Cut Rainbow Sapphire & Brilliant Cut Diamond Hoop Earrings 0.66ct Pear Shaped Fancy Yellow & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo Ring 12.31ct Round Brilliant Cut & Marquise Shaped Diamond Necklace
Rainbow Sapphire & Diamond Hoop Earrings Pear Shaped Yellow Diamond Halo Ring 12.31ct Diamond Necklace
 £2,430  £4,950  £27,850

Statement pieces

Go big or go home is the message for 2023. This can be anything from long earrings or lots of earrings in one lobe, to cocktail rings and giant flower chokers reminiscent of the 90s.

Hoops are out and shoulder-skimming statement earrings are in. Go long and elegant with crystal drops or bring out your wacky side with colourful fun designs that are ideal for the summer.

Stacking earrings into one lobe has been popular for a while. But people are now starting to realise that they don’t necessarily have to have lots of piercings, and that clip-on earrings can do the job just as well. It is no surprise that there has been a 100% increase in people looking for clip-on earrings online this year.

Models and celebrities are all rocking the flower choker this year. Again, go big with it. A slim black ribbon and a giant flower will upgrade any outfit, but can also be worn in a casual setting to make a statement. Don’t be afraid to make your flower choker your go-to piece of jewellery, whatever your plans.

Large gemstones or designs on elegant rings, in any style or colour, are the standout accessory this season. These rings can really make an outfit, by adding a glamorous finishing touch that lifts it instantly.

Big brooches



From just £250

Perhaps you are somebody who prefers to decorate your clothing or accessories with a brooch, rather than wearing jewellery on your body. You are in luck. Brooches are making a comeback.

Often found in antique jewellery selections, more is more in 2023, so look for the biggest and bolded brooch you can find, and use it to dress up an outfit, secure a scarf or add to a handbag. The possibilities with brooches are endless.

Clashing metals

For years, we have been tempted to stick to either gold or silver tones for jewellery, and never the two shall meet. But, in 2023, that philosophy has gone out of the window. Don’t feel you have to match your jewellery anymore. If you want to wear a gold necklace and a silver bracelet, then go for it. There are no rules.

You may find some jewellery that combines the two styles of metal to glorious effect, perhaps even adding in rose gold for a trio of colours.
Pretty in pearls

Alternatively, move away from metals completely and go vintage with pearls. As you might expect from the rest of this article, it is jumbo pearls that are particularly popular this season. Drop earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces with jumbo pearls bring the stone bang up to date.

We have a wide selection of vintage jewellery at our store, proving that nothing really ever goes out of style. Investing in a good piece of antique jewellery, or several, will always be a good decision.

If you do choose to wear pearls, note that spraying them with perfume will cause them to deteriorate and lose their lustre, so bear that in mind before a night (or day) out.

Hearts and flowers

0.72ct Sapphire & Diamond Flower Cluster Ring 0.84ct Heart Shaped Diamond Solitaire Ring 9ct Yellow Gold Cultured Pearl & Diamond Flower Necklace
Sapphire & Diamond Flower Cluster Ring Heart Shaped Diamond Solitaire Ring Cultured Pearl & Diamond Flower Necklace
 £1,885  £5,750  £510

For the romantic in us, it seems that jewellery adorned in hearts or flowers is the trending look this season. Chunky heart rings and earrings are a simple concept that is making a big impact on the jewellery scene. Plain silver hearts are the thing here.

With florals, it is 3D blooms that are the thing. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets featuring standout flowers are taking the catwalks by storm and translating well into everyday wear for anyone and everyone. Plus, with so many available colours to choose from, there will always be something that complements your outfit, whatever you happen to be wearing.

Initialisation and personalisation

What used to be the domain of fashion-conscious tweens, jewellery that contains letters, names or birthstones has entered the adult sphere. A single bead containing your first initial or your full name in a curly gold script, however you choose to personalise your jewellery, you can make it unique to you.

Add in your birthstone for extra expression and a touch of colour.
Bespoke jewellery is one of our specialities, so get in touch with us to find out what we can do to make it personal to you.

Final thoughts

The jewellery you choose to wear is often an extension of your personality. So, let it out. Whatever you feel comfortable and happy wearing is right for you. If you like it, that is essentially what matters.

Luckily, jewellery trends last longer than fashion and clothing, so you can be wearing these items for many years. Having a selection of good jewellery in your armoire means you will always be prepared, whatever the occasion.

How to Store Your Jewellery

If you have a large collection of jewellery items, or even just a select few treasured pieces, finding the best ways to store them, both for your needs and theirs, is crucial. You don’t want to lose your jewellery amongst a clutter of other things, and you want to make sure it is kept looking its best for whenever you want to wear it.

There are several things to consider when it comes to effectively storing your jewellery. Do you want to keep all your jewellery together, or are there certain objects you want to keep separate from others? Will you be storing your everyday jewellery differently to the items that are worn on special occasions? Will some items be on display so everyone can see them and others hidden away safely where only you know where to find them?

This blog will look at the various options available to you, so you can decide what best suits you and your lifestyle.

Best ways to avoid tarnishing

Tarnish happens to metal when it is exposed to the air or any damp area, so to keep your jewellery looking tip-top it is important to store it away somewhere rather than leaving it out to slowly corrode. And definitely don’t keep it in a bathroom.

Opting for an airtight jewellery box is the obvious solution, while adding something like a silica gel packet or two, which will absorb any moisture, is a two-pronged approach that can work wonders. Keep items made from different metals separate too, whether that be cheaper costume jewellery, gold or silver.

Each metal reacts slightly differently to the others and you want to avoid them interacting. Often, keeping each item in a ziplock plastic bag within the box can help too, as it stops them rubbing against each other and ensures no air can get in.

This is also an ideal way of transporting and storing jewellery when on holiday in humid countries, to best protect it from the elements.


Displaying your jewellery

If you do want to put your jewellery on display, either to make it easier to find what you need, or to show it off, then the aesthetics of how you store it are just as important as the jewellery itself.

A revolving jewellery organiser is great for something like earrings which may be less susceptible to tarnishing due to the smaller amounts of metal involved. Choosing one which can accommodate stud earrings, drop earrings and hoops, as well as any other body piercings you may have, means you will never be left searching for the other half of a pair, and it also looks great – especially if you have several different styles of earrings.

Using jewellery trays which can be put inside drawers or in a glass cabinet – much like you might see in our own shop in Guildford – gives each piece its own resting place and you can be quite creative with how you display them. A velvet-lined jewellery tray not only looks smart and glamorous, but it is also the best material to protect the jewellery from any inadvertent knicks or scratches.

Alternatively, clear acrylic jewellery boxes, separated into designated compartments and drawers, still enable you to see what jewellery you have, but manage to keep everything in a compact area – ideal for smaller spaces or for putting on dressing tables when you don’t have much room.

Practical storage items

Keeping all your jewellery organised means you will be better placed to find what you need, when you need it, without having to go scrabbling through drawers or searching scattered items on dressing tables or bedside units.

For everyday jewellery, something small like a trinket dish which just holds a few items that can be picked up and put on quickly and easily each morning is ideal. For anything else, a jewellery box is a traditional and popular way of storing items.

If you can find one that has separate compartments for each style of jewellery – for instance, ring cushions, earring holders, and necklace and bracelet partitions – that will enable you to head for the area you want, without everything getting caught up in each other.

Something like a jewellery armoire or cabinet is also perfect if you have a lot of jewellery and is particularly useful for storing long necklaces as each item has its own hook or compartment, making it easy to find at just a glance.

A cheaper, but no less effective, alternative is to have a jewellery holder that hangs on the back of a door or in a wardrobe. Again, this creates an at-a-glance storage solution that is also nicely tucked away with your clothes, for exactly when you need it.


Get rid of tangling

One of the best ways to avoid tangling is to make sure each style of jewellery is kept separate. You don’t want your necklaces getting wrapped around your rings and have to spend ages extricating them from each other. Storing necklaces on their own individual hooks, leaving them dangling, reduces their temptation to get tangled up.

Divided jewellery organisers and jewellery drawers can be tangle-free options, but only if you don’t overfill them. Otherwise, they will just tangle in the same way as they might in a standard jewellery box.

One way to get around this is to have stackable jewellery trays in a designated drawer – whether that is in a chest of drawers, perhaps alongside your under wear, or in a dressing table where it can be stored with make-up and beauty products, as part of your morning or evening regime.

Final thoughts

For particularly expensive items, you may well consider using a safe to store your jewellery. Again, protection will still be important, so small velvet pouches to keep items at their freshest and most sparkly is a must. And at least you will never forget where you have put them.

For more helpful advice on caring for your jewellery, and further inspiration, don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog posts.

Yellow, White or Rose Gold?

Gold jewellery is everlasting in its appeal and its longevity, with everything from rings and necklaces to brooches and bangles available in all types and carats of gold.

Many people will have jewellery in all three colours of gold – yellow, white and rose. But some people may prefer one style over the other, so what should you consider if you want to opt for a single shade?

Whatever your budget, there is a gold for you. Nine carat yellow gold is the cheapest, with white and rose gold often being more expensive. However, price is one of the least things to think about, when it comes to choosing which gold to have.

Do you plan to wear your jewellery every day, or is it more for special occasions? This could help you decide which tone might be more appropriate. Do you want something that suits all the seasons or something glitzy and glamorous that will catch the light at an evening event, giving you an added sparkle?



From £160

Skin tone

If you have a particularly warm or cool skin tone, then it may be that one colour of gold will be more suited to you than another. Yellow and rose gold are most effective with the warmer skin shades, while white gold is perfect for the pale and interesting look. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for a contrasting gold colour, if that is the one you prefer.

Your natural skin tone may determine which will look best. But, if you wear a lot of make-up or dye your hair a different colour, then you may find that you will suit all three – yellow, white and rose gold – depending on your particular style that day.

Fashion choices

This ethos will also go for what clothes you choose to wear. Jewellery is used to accessorise your fashion style, and while the choice of chain length or bracelet versus bangle, stud, drop or hoop earrings, or which finger(s) to wear your ring(s) is often an unconscious decision based on what works best with your outfit, the same could be said for the colour of metal you opt for too.

Yellows, reds, pinks and purples all lend themselves to yellow or rose gold, while greys, blues and greens are more suited to white gold. Again, it is all about the warmer and cooler tones. And, as usual, black goes with everything!

Vintage Jewellery

Vintage Jewellery

From £105


White gold is more resistant to scratches than yellow gold, as it has increased alloy content. So, if you are looking for something long-lasting that requires little maintenance, white gold is a good option. Nevertheless, if you want it to keep its lustre then having it re-dipped in rhodium coating every few years is a must, or the yellow base may start to appear.

Yellow gold mainly needs polishing with a special cloth, which you can pick up from most jewellers. Rose gold is mixed with copper to give it that hue, which also strengthens the base pure gold metal, due to its inherent toughness.

Jewellery style

Your choice of gold may be down to what the item of jewellery actually is. It may be that some areas, such as ears and wrists, are more sensitive to certain alloys such as nickel, than other parts of your body. So, this may in itself determine which gold you want for what. White gold no longer contains nickel, making it and 18 carat gold a good option for those sensitive areas. Whereas rose gold can often make a statement so is perfect for something like a bracelet.

Yellow gold is the most traditional colour, and often the one to be found in most jewellery, such as necklace chains, so it is likely easier to buy something in yellow gold, regardless of where on your body it is going to adorn.

Design features

Will the gold be used as a setting for a pendant or a stone, rather than being the main feature of the jewellery piece? If that is the case, then the colour and shape of the stone or locket or charm may lend itself to one colour gold above the others.

Aquamarine and sapphires look best with a white gold, whereas garnets and rubies suit a yellow gold more, and rose gold looks great with quartz and pearls. As expected for such a popular gem, diamonds work with all three.

If you are having your gold jewellery engraved, that may also be something to consider when choosing which gold to have, as the lettering may show up better on one rather than the other. And rose gold is stronger and may withstand the engraving process the best.

Nevertheless, we can engrave any form of gold and any style of jewellery, so do get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will make sure that the jewellery is as special as the person you are giving it to.

Vintage or heirlooms

Rose gold has been around for many years, and is often found to be the colour in a lot of vintage jewellery. With the vintage look coming round again and being a particular fashion choice for millennials, rose gold is having a bit of a comeback, after falling behind the everlasting yellow gold and more modern white gold in the market.

If you are considering buying a piece of jewellery that you intend to hand down from generation to generation, then you cannot go wrong with yellow gold.

Its timeless style will always be in fashion and is unlikely to lose its value. Keep it polished to avoid any tarnishing and it will stay looking as good as when it was first made.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, the choice of gold is entirely up to you. But, we hope that these pointers have given you some idea as to what might work best in a variety of different situations. Don’t hesitate to come into our store in Guildford and try a few items on or contact us today for advice from our friendly sales staff.

If you can’t find something you like, we’d be very happy to create something bespoke for you, using the gold tone of your choice, matched with precious gems and a simple or intricate design.

Guide to Jewellery Hallmarks

A hallmark on a piece of jewellery proves that it is a genuine metal and not a poor copy of one, contaminated with larger amounts of alloys and plated metals. For a piece of jewellery to be defined as a precious metal it needs to have a certain percentage of that pure metal in its manufacture. This goes for gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

To provide the flexibility involved in shaping the metals into jewellery, the pure metal will be mixed with some form of alloy. However, a hallmark ensures the buyer that what they are purchasing has at least the minimum amount of pure metal for it to be designated precious. This purity can also be known as fineness.

The high value of the pure metals used in jewellery makes this even more important when establishing the provenance and ensuring it is the genuine article.

What do hallmarks show?

Much like the red tractor mark on meat and eggs, which certifies that the product has come from a responsible and safely-produced environment, a hallmark on jewellery shows the maker’s mark, when it was made, the purity of the metal and where it was tested or assayed. It will also specify if it was made to commemorate a specific event, for example the King’s Coronation.

Jewellery hallmarks tend to be situated in a horizontal line and no more than 1.5mm in height. More often than not, they will be marked somewhere that cannot be outwardly seen when the jewellery is being worn, such as the inside of a ring band or bangle, or the back of a pendant.

Why hallmark jewellery?

In order to ensure you are not being sold jewellery that isn’t as precious as it is made out to be, the items will only be hallmarked if they contain at least half a gram of platinum, a gram of gold or palladium, or 7.78 grams of silver. These are the minimum amounts for them to be termed as being made of precious metal and worthy of being hallmarked as proof of that fact.

Fraud is rife in the jewellery industry, with unscrupulous makers trying to pass off their items as being genuine. Having a hallmark provides proof to the buyers, and also provides protection to the jewellery industry buyers and suppliers, such as ourselves.

Jewllery Valuations


From £45-£70

Compulsory hallmarks

All jewellers will have their own mark, which is used to signify who has actually made the jewellery and submitted it to be registered. This will often be the initials of the jeweller or organisation. Every mark is unique to that jeweller, so any item can be sourced back directly to them.

In addition, the purity or fineness of the metal will be marked. Perhaps the most commonly-seen mark is 925 sterling silver, but others include 375 for gold which indicates it is 9 carat, or 750 which denotes 18 carat gold, and 950 for platinum and palladium.

These numbers show the parts per thousand of pure metal which has gone into the piece of jewellery. This way, you can be guaranteed that your jewellery is officially made of precious metal.

The International Convention of Hallmarks shows these numbers alongside traditional balancing scales, as an internationally-recognised control mark.
Assay offices are used to test and hallmark jewellery. There are four in the UK, including Birmingham’s jewellery quarter (marked with an anchor), London (marked with a leopard), Sheffield (marked with a Tudor rose) and Edinburgh (marked, appropriately, with a castle).

For vintage or antique jewellery that was made before 1960, you may well see a different assay office mark as there have been several over the years, but these four are the only ones currently in existence.

Optional hallmarks

Date letters became optional in 1999, but these show a letter of the alphabet that corresponds with a certain year. In 2023, we have now reached the letter Y. The shape of the stamp, as well as the font of the letter, changes every year on 1st January, so even older items can still be accurately dated using this method.

The London assay office will go one step further with its fineness hallmarking, incorporating a symbol to show the purity and type of metal. For example, gold is shown as a crown, sterling silver with a lion and Britannia silver with a representation of the female warrior Britannia.

How is jewellery hallmarked?

Stamps were traditionally used to hallmark metals, but it was later recognised that this stamping process could often misshape the item if it was particularly delicate or hollow and make it less desirable. As the item becomes more worn, the hallmark can often be noticed on the outside of it, which is not ideal.

It was then decided to use lasers to hallmark the jewellery. These provide an accurate depiction of the marks required, won’t affect the shape of the jewellery and can often be created very subtly so as not to detract from the beauty of the item. It is sometimes necessary to wear a loupe or jeweller’s eyeglass to see it more clearly.

Because of how a laser physically marks the jewellery, if an item such as a ring needs to be resized, it can sometimes inadvertently remove the hallmark, meaning it has to go back to an assay office to be retested and reapplied legally.

Final thoughts

If you are unsure about whether a piece of your jewellery is hallmarked, bring it in for us to take a look at through our loupe and we will be able to determine all the necessary information. You should then also be able to trace it back to its original source, if you want to.

We can also value your jewellery for you, with hallmarks being of particular use in this instance. If you have any corresponding paperwork, please do also bring this with you, as it all helps to create a bigger picture and means we can be as accurate as possible, whether you want the valuation for insurance purposes, probate or to sell.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation.

Celebrity Engagement Rings

A celebrity engagement, and their ring, is often pored over by the public – especially with the advent of Instagram making the announcement and corresponding photos an occasion in itself.

Solitaire Diamond Rings

Solitaire Diamond Rings

From just £785

When most people think of engagement rings, the first one that comes to mind is Princess Diana’s sapphire ring – one which son Prince William then used to propose to Kate Middleton, ahead of their wedding in April 2011. The deep blue colouring and oval design surrounded by small diamonds became immediately recognisable and is still just as iconic today as it was when Prince Charles proposed to Diana in February 1981, after meeting only 13 times. She was just 19 years old.

Interestingly, Penelope Cruz has a copycat sapphire ring, presented to her by Javier Bardem on their engagement in October 2009. The sapphire set with diamonds has fewer carats, but is no less attractive for it. Prince Harry also chose to incorporate his late mother’s gems into the ring he gave Meghan Markle, with two of Diana’s diamonds set either side of a larger central diamond.

4.20ct Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring 2.07ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring 2.50ct Heart Shaped Diamond Solitaire Ring
4.20ct Diamond Solitaire Ring 2.07ct Diamond Solitaire Ring 2.50ct Heart Shaped Diamond Solitaire Ring
 £48,500  £46,500  £28,650

Diamond engagement rings

The most traditional gemstone for an engagement ring is a diamond, but there are so many styles, cuts and sizes of diamond ring that you can choose, that the opportunities to find something to suit you are endless.

  • The dance moves to ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce show her pointing at her ring finger, singing ‘If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it’. And Jay Z did. A massive 18-carat emerald-cut diamond, in fact. It is fair to say it is not one that can be missed.
  • In a similar style, Jennifer Lopez was presented with a pale green diamond set on a ring designed by Rahaminov Diamonds, when proposed to by Ben Affleck. The rare green diamond was sourced especially for the occasion. It is the third engagement ring J-Lo has received.
  • As you might expect from the classy first lady, Michelle Obama’s diamond engagement ring is understated, featuring a traditional one-carat solitaire diamond on a plain gold band. But it is no less beautiful for it.
  • Lorraine Schwartz designed the rings for both Kourtney and Kim Kardashian. Kim was given a lavish cushion-cut diamond on a pave ring which reportedly cost Kanye West $8million, but was subsequently stolen from a hotel in Paris in 2016, while Kourtney had a simple narrow band topped with a flawless oval cut diamond.

Unusual engagement rings

  • Ariana Grande is said to have used a pearl from one of her grandad’s tie pins to be set alongside the slanted diamond in her engagement ring. It makes for an unusual, but stunning, design which is truly unique to her
  • Jack Brooksbank’s choice of ring for Princess Eugenie was a beautiful padparadscha sapphire in a pink-orange tone, surrounded by diamonds. This type of sapphire is extremely rare, but knowledge of it was boosted when it was seen on Princess Eugenie’s finger, and it is gaining in popularity because of it.
  • Pink was also the colour for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, with Lorraine Schwartz once again in action designing a large oval pink diamond ring on a narrow diamond band. The engagement came as a surprise to the general public, but we have lapped up the pairing ever since.
  • Orlando Bloom proposed to Katy Perry with a flower-shaped ring – possibly to signify the Bloom surname – using a pink stone surrounded by diamonds and set in gold to create the flower. When announcing their engagement on Instagram, Katy commented ‘Full Bloom’.
  • Halle Berry and ex-husband Olivier Martinez opted for a stunning bright green emerald ring, which was mined from Columbia and was engraved with symbols that only the two of them can interpret.
  • Megan Fox and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly decided to have two stones – a diamond and an emerald – set on an angle and with magnetic gold bands. The pear-shaped gems complement each other perfectly.

All of these rings offered something different to the more standard designs, standing out amongst the celebrity crowd and providing a talking point and plenty of paparazzi and social media photo opportunities.

Vintage Oval Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring Georgian Style Diamond Cluster Ring 3.00ct Round Brilliant Diamond Cluster Ring
Oval Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring Georgian Style Diamond Cluster Ring 3.00ct Diamond Cluster Ring
 £24,365  £10,800  £4,650

Vintage engagement rings

Antique engagement rings, often passed down as an heirloom, are as popular now as they were when they were first designed and created. They offer up something that is truly unique and has already stood the test of time.

  • Michael Douglas chose a vintage Fred Leighton ring for Catherine Zeta-Jones. The 10-carat marquise diamond was side-set for added interest, and cost $1million – not surprising, considering the cost of their actual wedding in November 2000, which was reportedly in excess of $2million.
  • Although not actually a vintage ring, Jessica Biel’s engagement token from Justin Timberlake was designed to have a vintage styling to it. Scrolled sides and black platinum were combined with a curved-cornered square cut diamond to provide a venerable classic look.
  • As vintage rings go, you can’t not mention the engagement ring given to Jackie-O, by President John F Kennedy, in 1953. The style icon was given a two-gem diamond and emerald ring, enclosed by two baguette diamonds in a unique shape that is still swooned over now, and is reportedly worth over $1million.

Final thoughts

Not to ever do anything by halves, it is thought that Victoria Beckham has 15 engagement rings – all from David, we hasten to add! – although the one he actually chose to propose with is a simple gold band set with a marquise-cut diamond. He obviously couldn’t decide on just one.

The wide range of engagement rings on offer makes it almost impossible to choose and narrow it down to that special something. Our customers often use celebrity engagement rings as their inspiration for choosing the ring for their partner. And that comes as no surprise.

Our staff can offer help and advice to make the process easier. Contact us today or pop into our showroom in Guildford to discuss your options and take a look at what we have available.

Why You Should Think Twice About Buying Jewellery From Abroad

Jewellers in the UK have a fantastic history of producing some of the most stunning work available anywhere in the world. This means that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to fantastic jewellery options here.

However, some people are tempted by the idea of buying jewellery abroad. It might be that they have heard that a particular destination offers stunning quality jewellery, or it could be they believe that they can get a better bargain or more for their money if they go overseas.

In reality, while it is of course possible to buy jewellery from abroad, there is a key question that you need to ask yourself: is it worth it. There are downsides to buying from jewellers abroad, and benefits from sticking with UK options.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the reasons that you should think twice before buying your jewellery from abroad.

Quality concerns when buying jewellery from abroad

If you are thinking of buying jewellery abroad, it is worth remembering that depending on where you shop, you may not always get the same level of quality control you might expect from jewellers in the UK. If you are shopping in a market or even in independent shops, if you don’t know the reputation of the seller, it could be possible that they are artificially inflating costs for inferior products.

It is even possible that sellers could be knowingly selling fake or counterfeit goods. And if you are thinking of buying from world-famous brands and designers to counteract – these manufacturers have stores in the UK as well, so what do you really gain from going abroad for them?

The hidden costs of buying jewellery from abroad

When you buy jewellery from abroad, there are several hidden costs that you may not have considered.

Firstly, there may be import duties, taxes, and handling fees that you will have to pay when the item arrives in the UK. These costs can quickly add up and make the purchase much more expensive than you initially thought.

Secondly, you may have to pay for the item to be appraised or valued once it arrives in the UK. This is because jewellery from abroad may not have the same hallmarking standards as UK jewellery, which makes it difficult to verify its authenticity and value.

Thirdly, if you need to return the item for any reason, you may have to pay for shipping and handling fees to send it back to the seller. This can be particularly costly if you are sending the item back.

Finally, if the item requires repairs or adjustments, you may have to pay for these costs yourself. This is because the seller may not have a UK presence or may not be willing to cover the costs of repairs or adjustments.

Get a Valuation

Get a Valuation

From our resident germologist and valuer, within 2-3 days.

The risks of buying jewellery from unscrupulous sellers

When you are buying jewellery abroad, you are unfortunately at a much greater risk of dealing with unscrupulous sellers. You are not always going to have the same protections that UK companies provide as standard. It is not always possible to thoroughly research those you are interested in purchasing from.

This can also put you in a compromised position when attempting to resolve disputes. Not being sure whether a company will follow through on any repair or refund can make it much riskier for you.

Ultimately, any time that you go abroad, you need to ensure that you are taking the same risks and precautions you would at home. If you see a price that seems too good to be true, you really have to ask yourself why that is the case.

The misconceptions about buying jewellery from abroad

There are a range of different misconceptions about buying jewellery abroad, and it is important that we take a look at them.

  • Myth: It’s cheaper – as we have discussed, when jewellery prices are significantly cheaper abroad it is often because the quality of the product has been misrepresented, or because the product is fake.
  • Myth: You can make a profit in the UK – if your only motivation to buy jewellery abroad is to take it home and sell it for a profit, you should stop now. Any cheap jewellery that has been passed off as expensive jewellery will be immediately spotted by skilled professionals. “I paid £1,000 for it” doesn’t mean anything to a jewellery specialist, sadly.
  • Myth: Favourable tax rates in some countries – it is true that some countries have lower sales tax rates than the UK – but purchases must be declared when you enter the UK.

The benefits of buying from local jewellers

When it comes to buying jewellery, there are many benefits to choosing a local jeweller over purchasing abroad. One key advantage is the quality assurance that comes with buying from a reputable local jeweller. UK jewellers are required to adhere to strict regulations and standards, ensuring that their products are of the highest quality.

In addition, local jewellers often have established reputations within their communities, making them accountable for the quality of their products and services.

Another advantage is the expertise and advice that local jewellers can provide. Many local jewellers have years of experience and knowledge about the industry and can offer valuable insights and guidance when it comes to choosing the perfect piece of jewellery.

Buying abroad for a low price can be inherently risky, and we would always recommend opting for a quality product that you know you can trust. At Cry for the Moon, we have years of experience in selling fine pieces of jewellery, and would be delighted to provide advice of any kind before you buy. Whether you are looking for a specific type of gemstone or need advice on which metal to choose, we would be happy to help. Get in contact with our experienced team to learn more.

Guide to Selling Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery can hold sentimental value and cherished memories. But it can also become clutter or unwanted pieces that take up space. Rather than letting your old or unused jewellery collect dust, selling it can be a quick and efficient way to turn it into cash. However, the process of selling gold jewellery can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the industry.

Many people turn to pawn shops or gold buyers. These types of business might offer a flat rate per gram of gold, which may not reflect the true value of your jewellery. To ensure that you get the best possible price, you should always have your jewellery correctly valued by skilled professionals who can evaluate its quality, condition, and market demand.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key factors to consider when selling gold jewellery and provide insight into the selling process.

Why should you sell your gold jewellery?

Selling your gold jewellery can provide a great way to turn your unwanted pieces into cash. Whether you’re looking to downsize your collection or saving for a specific goal, selling your jewellery can provide the financial boost you need.

In addition to the monetary benefits, selling gold jewellery can also help declutter your space and simplify your life. Rather than holding onto pieces that no longer serve you, selling them can provide a sense of liberation and freedom. It might even make space in your collection for a lovely new piece.

What kind of jewellery can I sell?

Many people assume that only high-end or pristine jewellery can be sold, but skilled professionals can value almost any type of jewellery, regardless of its condition. This can include broken or damaged pieces, as well as jewellery that may be missing stones or components.

Some common types of gold jewellery that can be sold include rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. However, the specific items that a jeweller will accept may vary depending on their expertise and the market demand for certain types of jewellery.

Why do people sell gold jewellery?

There are many reasons why people choose to sell their gold jewellery. Here are a few common ones:

  • Financial reasons – selling gold jewellery can provide an easy source of cash, which can be especially helpful during times of financial need. This could include paying off debt, covering unexpected expenses, or saving for a future goal.
  • Downsizing – some people choose to sell their gold jewellery as part of a larger effort to downsize their possessions and simplify their lives. This could include selling jewellery that they no longer wear or that no longer holds sentimental value.
  • Inheritance – in some cases, people may inherit gold jewellery from a family member but may not want to keep it for themselves. In this case jewellers can offer estate appraisals to help you understand the value of the inherited collection.

How much is gold worth?

The value of gold can vary depending on a variety of factors, including market demand, the current price of gold, and the purity of the gold in your jewellery. To determine the value of your gold jewellery, it’s important to understand a few key terms:

  • Carat – the carat of gold is a measure of its purity. 24-carat gold is entirely pure gold (although it is very rare for jewellery to be made from pure gold as it is too often) – however, 18-carat gold is considered a high purity, whereas 10-carat gold pieces are less pure and as such are worth less.
  • Spot price – the spot price of gold is the current market price for one troy ounce of gold. This price can fluctuate based on a variety of economic and political factors.
  • Melt value – this is the value of the gold if it were melted down and sold. This value is based on the weight of the gold and its purity.

It’s important to remember that the emotional value of your jewellery may be different from its actual monetary value. While heirloom pieces or sentimental jewellery may hold a lot of personal value, they may not be worth as much in terms of their gold content. When selling your jewellery, it’s important to balance these factors and make an informed decision about the best course of action for you.

How to choose the right place to sell to

When it comes to selling your gold jewellery, it’s important to do your research and find a reputable and trustworthy buyer. It is a great idea to go to a local jeweller who has experience in valuing gold and precious metals.

These professionals have the expertise to determine the quality and value of your jewellery, and can provide you with a fair price for your items.

Additionally, you may feel more comfortable working with a local business that you can visit in person, rather than online.

What happens to my gold jewellery when I sell it?

When you sell your gold jewellery, the buyer may use it in a few different ways depending on its condition and quality. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Refining – if your gold jewellery is not in good condition or cannot be resold as-is, the buyer may choose to refine it. This involves melting the gold down and extracting impurities to create pure gold bullion, which can then be sold to other buyers.
  • Resale – if your gold jewellery is in good condition and has resale value, the buyer may choose to resell it. This could involve cleaning, polishing, or repairing the jewellery before putting it up for sale. In some cases, antique or vintage jewellery may be particularly valuable and could be sold for more than its melt value.
  • Recycling – another option for your gold jewellery is to recycle it. This could involve using the gold to create new jewellery pieces, such as wedding bands or necklaces. By recycling gold, buyers can reduce their reliance on newly mined gold and minimise their environmental impact.

At Cry for the Moon, we have extensive experience valuing and buying gold jewellery from our customers. If you are interested in having some of your gold jewellery valued, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our experienced team today.