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Emeralds: The Reasons Why I Love Them

Wednesday May 6, 2020
Stephen Sutton

It’s finally May, and the trees are now almost full of leaves; bright and vibrant greens of many shades. Perhaps this is why Emerald is the birthstone for May; it radiates new life with its vivid, bright colour.

On a personal note, Emerald is my favourite of all the coloured gems. Both my wife and mother own Emerald engagement rings since their birthdays both fall in May. I personally think Emerald engagement rings are both unique and wonderful, but it isn’t just my love for Emerald I wish to share today; I’m hoping to help you discover yours…

What Are Emeralds

Emeralds are part of the ‘Beryl family’, a family known for an array of different colours:

 Sky Blue  Aquamarine
 Pink  Morganite
 Yellow  Golden Beryl
 Red  Red Beryl
 Colourless  Goshenite


Emeralds are the green variety, first thought to have been mined by the Egyptians in countries known now as Austria and Pakistan. Today, Emeralds have been discovered at gem-quality by many countries, including Zambia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, India, Russia, USA, Afghanistan and Madagascar, to name just a few.

However, the most prized and valuable emeralds are still thought to be mined in Colombia. Featuring a deeper, more intense colour, better fire, brilliance and clarity, Colombian Emeralds are the most sought after for these reasons and hence command a higher value.

A Stunning Structure

Perhaps it’s the internal structure of Emeralds and their unique characteristic features that I find so compelling. Whilst most gems are considered ‘better’ if they are clean and free from flaws, Emeralds celebrate a uniqueness known as ‘La Jardin’ which only adds to their natural beauty.

‘The Garden’ of gemstones is likened to its unique fingerprint, each one as different and as mesmerising as the next. Yes, some Emeralds are beautifully clear, but this individual character just adds further fascinating appeal.

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Stephen SuttonHead of Sales