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The Most Flattering Pendant Styles

Wednesday April 17, 2024
Holly Diamond

Today, jewellery is worn to show your personal style. From little girls wearing clip-on earrings and beaded bracelets to women wearing hooped earrings or nose rings, jewellery is a wonderful way to stand out and express yourself.

In this blog we will be exploring the most flattering pendant styles.

What is a Pendant?

If you don’t know what a pendant is, it’s a loose-hanging item of jewellery that is worn around the neck. It usually has a long chain at the end of which is a pendant. Attached to the chain by a small loop, the pendant can be anything from a gemstone or pearl to a crystal or metal.

Pendants are worn by men and women around the world. They are a great way to incorporate a point of interest into your outfit and draw the eye. Many people receive pendants as gifts, however they are just as special when purchased for yourself (and that way you can choose exactly what you want to wear).


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Types of Pendant Necklace

From antique jewellery to contemporary pieces, there are many types and styles of pendant necklaces. Below we have listed our favourites. Check them out:

The Locket Pendant

Perhaps the most traditional form of pendant necklace is the locket. This item of jewellery is both functional and beautiful. Women may choose to wear a locket around their neck with a picture of a loved one inside or perhaps even a lock of hair. For others, the locket is left empty. Whether it has meaning to you or not, the locket pendant is a beautiful jewellery piece that rests against your heart.

The Gemstone Pendant

Many people believe in the healing power of gemstones. Incorporating gemstones into a pendant allows them to rest against your heart and bring beauty to your day.

Whether you’re hoping to ease your anxiety, build your confidence, or inspire a little romance in your life, wearing your chosen gemstone in a pendant necklace is a great way to sway the fates. It can also add the right colour detail to your outfit and create a fun talking point at parties.

The Simple Gold/Silver Pendant Necklace

It can be difficult trying to keep up with the changing fashions. However, over the years we’ve come to realise that simplicity is the key. Whatever the fashions are doing, you can’t go wrong with a simple gold or silver pendant.

Gold and silver pendants are both timeless and delicate. They add a touch of sophistication to any outfit and are a lovely way to dress up for those special occasions.

Pearl Drop Pendant

Pearls have long been a popular jewellery choice. Traditionally passed down from mothers to daughters on their wedding day, pearls are a symbol of purity and wisdom.

Pendant necklaces can be made particularly striking with a pearl drop at the end. The effect is very beautiful and a great way to add a quiet touch that helps set you apart from the crowd.

Cluster Pendants

When you’re looking for that little bit more, cluster pendants are a great option. These unique but gorgeous necklaces feature a cluster of pendants at the end of a chain. They can be worn day-to-day as you trek to and from the office or for special occasions (the choice is yours).

Cluster pendants are a great way to add some movement into your jewellery choices. They are typically understated but add a lovely touch of sparkle, moving and dancing as you move around the room.

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Explore the Different Pendant Styles

Pendant necklaces are available in many different styles. Choosing the right style for you will depend on your personal taste and the look you are hoping to achieve. Here are some of the most popular pendant necklace styles:

Solitaire Pendant

This pendant style looks just like the name suggests; it is a solitaire pendant (usually a diamond, pearl, or gemstone) hanging from a chain. The solitaire pendant is particularly elegant and a go-to for many people, whether you’re headed out for a big event or are having a quiet evening in with friends.


Geometric jewellery has been a popular choice over the last few decades because of its contemporary look and modern feel. Geometric pendants are a great way to draw the eye and add a point of interest to any outfit.


Many people choose to wear pendant necklaces because of the meaning behind the pendant itself. Charm pendants typically hold specific meaning to the individual. Charms can represent anything from your personal beliefs and interests to the special people in your life and the moments or events you want to remember.


Personalised pendants are necklaces that have been personalised in some way – whether through the carving of initials, the engraving of a special message, or the sentimental value of the item itself. Personalised pendants make for a thoughtful gift and are a popular choice for a romantic gesture.

How to Choose the Best Pendant Style for You
So, now that you know which pendant styles are the most flattering, how do you choose the best pendant necklace style for you?

Pendant necklaces are timeless. They are a wonderful accessory that can enhance the look of your outfit, build your confidence, and reflect your personality. However, with so many options available it can be hard to decipher which is the best style for you. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help.

Let’s take a look at how to choose the best pendant styles for you.

Consider Your Personal Style

How would you describe your personal style? Are you smart casual? Do you love understated designs? Are you all about eye-popping colour and big graphic tees? Or do you prefer elegant and sophisticated?

Taking the time to determine your personal style is an important first step and will greatly inform your pendant necklace selection.

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Choose the Perfect Chain Length

Everyone suits a different chain length. A pendant necklace will sit differently on you as it would on your friend – particularly if you differ significantly in height. That’s why it’s important to choose the ideal chain length for you. Some of the most popular chain lengths include:

Choker: this chain sits against your neck.
Princess: this chain sits just below your collarbone.
Opera: this chain length falls below the bust.
Rope: this chain can be wrapped in various ways to create different styles and chain lengths, depending on the look you are hoping to achieve.

Choose the Metal

Does silver jewellery really suit you or is gold more flattering on your complexion? Do you prefer gemstones or crystals? Choosing the metal of your pendant will be influenced by your current jewellery favourites and what looks good on you.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many different pendant necklace types and many ways to style them. We hope this article has answered some of your questions and provided you with some styling inspiration.

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