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After Baby Gifts

Wednesday October 18, 2023
Holly Diamond

Giving a gift to the mother of a child shortly after she has given birth has been popular in the USA for several years, and is now gaining momentum in the UK. It is generally presented by the father of the child, or the mother’s partner, but is equally as common among best friends.

The push present, as it is colloquially known, first entered the celebrity world in 2008 when Marc Antony gave J-lo an expensive gift after the birth of their son. And other celebrities soon followed suit. This, of course, meant it was then introduced by members of the public who were keen to emulate the trend.

Eternity Rings

Eternity Rings

From just £650

Eternity rings

Kate Middleton was given a diamond eternity ring by husband Prince William when Prince George was born, which she appears to wear on a daily basis, stacked with her engagement and wedding rings. Gifting a ring on special occasions, such as all the above, is a special way of showing your love and admiration for your partner. It signifies a never-ending bond, much like that of a mother and her child.

Eternity rings don’t just have to be diamonds; many are set with other stones or incorporate an intricate design into their shape, so there will be something to suit everyone’s tastes, styles and budgets. It should be easy to match to an engagement ring too, should you wish to do so.

Coloured Gemstones

Coloured Gemstones

From just £650

Jewellery denoting birthdate

Of course, every birth has a stone which is usually celebrated for the month and a zodiac sign, so why not incorporate one of these into the jewellery you buy as an after-baby gift? This could be the relevant birthstone as a pair of earrings, ring or a bracelet, or perhaps a subtle zodiac sign pendant necklace.

Birthstones in jewellery first appeared in 1870, when Tiffany & Co brought out a leaflet suggesting them as suitable gifts. But their origins are thought to stem as far back as the first century, thanks to the breastplate of high priest Aaron. They are thought to have healing properties, to cleanse the soul and ease anxieties – exactly what a mother may feel she needs after giving birth and needing to raise a child.



From just £270

Blue or pink stones

You could go very traditional and give a gift that includes a blue or pink stone depending on the gender of the baby. If you have more than one child, this could become a common theme in your after-baby gifts.

Sapphires are the obvious choice for a blue stone, but don’t forget aquamarine for a more baby blue. You can also get pink sapphires, so you may wish to give these to complement any blue sapphires for boys – especially if you have one-of-each twins. Opal is another pale pink option and will look good with anything the recipient chooses to wear.

Initials Pendant

Initials Pendant

From just £790

Initialisation or engraving

Having the name and/or birth date engraved onto an item of jewellery also makes for an excellent keepsake that can be handed down to the child at a suitable point in their life too. If you were to gift a locket, not only could this be personally engraved, but it could also hold a photo of the baby, with the addition of the baby’s hair too at a later date.

Initialisation or name necklaces are the must-have accessory among celebrities, so why not follow their example and gift one to the mother of your child with the initial or name of the baby? Again, if you have several children, you could give them an initial pendant for each child, to be worn on the same necklace.

Arty gifts

For something that can be put on display for everyone to see, a thoughtful art-based after-baby gift is a great addition. This could be something like a painting or sketch of the baby, or the whole family, or something by which the early years can really be remembered such as a cast or ink print of their hand and foot. Who can resist little baby feet, after all?!

To complement these craft and creative ideas, a piece of jewellery that incorporates a tiny footprint motif, could bring them both together in a cohesive and special way, that only the two of you know the significance.

Family tree

As your family grows, producing a family tree – either in a traditional format or as something more quirky and unique to you – is a wonderful way of showing how much family means to you. It is heartfelt and shows a lot of thought has gone into the gift.

Combine it with jewellery that features a tree of life as a memento of how your family, and love, has grown together, and will continue to do so.

Final thoughts

You may think that the baby is the best gift of all, and you’d be right. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t also mark the occasion with something special for your loved one. It doesn’t even have to be a gift for someone who has given birth; adoption and fostering gifts are just as much appreciated and create a bond between you all.

It is best to give something long-lasting and potentially suitable for nursing mothers, so jewellery is the perfect keepsake for the memories you will all create together. Call into our Guildford showroom or take a look at our extensive choice on our website, to help you decide what to get your significant other.

Now, you just need to decide on a name!

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