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Buying Jewellery as an Investment

Saturday September 2, 2023
Stephen Sutton

Bricks and mortar are no longer the safe investment that they once were. With inflation and mortgage rates rising, homes being in negative equity or repossessed are on the increase. But, one item that is still going strong and holding its own in the resale and investment market is jewellery.

We have all heard the adverts on TV and radio and in newspapers where companies say they will buy your gold, and wondered if it is too good to be true.

Our suggestion is that you hang onto it for as long as possible, and then choose to sell it to a reputable jeweller like ourselves, rather than opting for one of the many companies of dubious origin that have sprung up over recent years.

18ct Yellow Gold Wedding Band 18ct Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings 9ct Yellow Gold Link Bracelet
18ct Yellow Gold Wedding Band 18ct Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings
9ct Yellow Gold Link Bracelet
 £530  £555  £1,195

Gold is for life

We aren’t talking about large bullion blocks favoured by pirates and businessmen in 80s movies, but anything that is made of gold will keep its value or see it going up. This could be a small link chain to a pair of earrings to a bulky gold signet ring.

You can either keep your jewellery as it is, in its original format, or you can melt down all the gold and keep it as a single nugget. Of course, the latter seems sacrilege to a jeweller, but we can understand the appeal. It just isn’t as appealing as a beautifully-crafted piece of jewellery that can be handed down from generation to generation and be seen as a family heirloom over the years. But maybe that’s just us.

9.57ct Square Cut Emerald & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Bracelet 3.31ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring 20.65ct Round Ruby & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Necklace
9.57ct Emerald Diamond Bracelet 3.31ct Diamond Trilogy Ring 20.65ct Ruby & Diamond Cluster Necklace
 £28,250  £32,205  £58,850

Gemstones and provenance

The same goes for gemstones. Little black velvet pouches of single diamonds are all very well, but when you can have those diamonds set into a beautiful ring or pendant, then why wouldn’t you? Jewellery is meant to be worn and admired, not hidden away in a box or a drawer never to see the light of day.

Even expensive pieces bought as investments should at least be brought out and shown off on special occasions, or whenever else you feel like it.

It isn’t the case that the flashiest jewellery is the most valuable either. Often small gemstones can be just as expensive as larger ones, as it is all down to the cut and clarity of the stone, and its provenance. So, be aware of that when buying your jewellery and get an expert to value it and view it through a loupe for added credibility and peace of mind. If you can get a certificate of authenticity for your gemstone then that is even better.

15ct Yellow Gold Seed Pearl & Turquoise Bangle 2.00ct Old Cut Diamond Star Brooch Vintage Oval Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring
15ct Gold, Pearl & Turquoise Bangle 2.00ct Diamond Star Brooch Vintage Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring
 £1,795  £4,550  £24,365

Vintage and antique jewellery

When buying jewellery as an investment, vintage or antique pieces are an obvious choice, as they have already stood the test of time and come favourably out the other side.

We specialise in a wide range of antique jewellery, ranging from Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian to the more modern art deco and art nouveau styles. There really is something to suit everyone, and all budgets, in the knowledge that these items will only ever increase in value as they get older. It’s a win-win situation and the perfect investment.

Don’t be put off by the jewellery being second-hand either. If it is being sold by an actual vintage jeweller, then this often means that it will have been well looked-after by its previous owner for many years, as well as given the right kind of cleaning treatment to get rid of any imperfections and improve its lustre before it is sold on again.

0.20ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Wishbone Shaped Half Eternity Ring 0.77ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Bubble Ring 4.15ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Full Eternity Ring
0.20ct Diamond Half Eternity Ring 0.77ct Diamond Bubble Ring 4.15ct Diamond Full Eternity Ring
 £1,295  £4,215  £13,650

Engagement rings and wedding bands

Whichever way you look at it, an engagement ring or wedding band is an investment. It isn’t just a monetary investment, but an investment in your future and that of your spouse. Again, these are often handed down through the generations, as they have as much sentimental value as they do value in pounds and pence.

Engagement and wedding rings are all down to personal preference, so nothing really ever goes out of style. Whether it is a simple gold or platinum band, or something that incorporates a large rock, an engagement or wedding ring is meant to last forever, like the love of the people who wear them. They are often bequeathed in wills separately to any other assets, so investing in an engagement and wedding ring is a wise choice and one that your descendants will be able to benefit from too.

Change of use

As previously mentioned, you may decide that you don’t want your chosen jewellery to stay in its original composition. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to melt it down into a lump. You could just as easily repurpose the metal and change its use. For example, a necklace could be changed into a ring, or a ring could be moulded into a pair of earrings.

The same can be done with stones. Over time, these precious gems can come loose and fall out of their clasps. But that doesn’t have to be the end for them. They can be repaired and reset in an alternative piece. This is often popular if you want a gemstone from a particular piece of jewellery that has been worn by a mother or grandmother, for instance, put into an alternative item to be worn by the daughter or granddaughter.

Final thoughts

Jewellery is one of those things where beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder and every piece is worth whatever someone else will pay for it. Jewellery doesn’t have to be aesthetically appealing to be worth a lot of money. And the prettiest pieces may not be worth very much when it comes down to it.

But, if you like it, then it will always be worth the investment somehow. It is worth visiting antique jewellers and seeing what sorts of items they have in their windows and for what prices, and scouring auction catalogues to see the reserve prices of any jewellery, to help give you some indication of what people are likely to pay for what, and why.

Contact us today and ask one of our experienced staff for a valuation of your jewellery.

Stephen SuttonHead of Sales