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How to Wear Jewellery at Christmas

Wednesday December 20, 2023
Holly Diamond

Christmas is the time of year when everything has that added glitz, glamour and sparkle that makes wearing jewellery a must. It is a great excuse for getting dressed up and accessorising yourself as much as the Christmas lights and decorations around your house.

Whether you want to go for style and sophistication or mixing and matching festive colours of reds, greens and gold, now is the time to think about adding to your Christmas jewellery selection. Or to start dropping heavy hints to your friends and family, if you prefer!

Ice cool silver tones

When it comes to winter, silver is in. This could be platinum or white gold too, if you prefer that to actual silver. But, whichever you choose, these cool silvery tones are ideal for reflecting snow and ice. It also looks great against paler skin, when your summer tan has faded.

Whatever your chosen style, we have a large selection of silver jewellery to browse, or we can create something platinum and completely bespoke to you, to your requirements, if you want to embrace the Christmas season with a design of your own imaginative conception.

Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

From just £475

Diamonds for winter sparkle

For added sparkle to your winter tones, diamonds are a girl’s (or man’s) best friend. With a natural snowflake feel to them, the glistening clarity of white diamonds is the obvious choice for winter jewellery, and a sophisticated Christmas season.

Whether you want diamond earrings or a diamond necklace, or a diamond studded ring, the gem is a popular and much-used stone in jewellery design, whether it is on its own or combined with other stones. Blue sapphires and diamonds, such as those used in this ring in our collection, still fit the winter theme, but mean you can also add in a bit of colour.

Festive colours

Speaking of colour, Christmas is a riot of colours from the myriad lights around houses, shopping areas and city centres to tinsel, baubles and other decorations. So, why not get in on the act too and opt for a gold base to your jewellery and choose items studded with rubies and emeralds to give you those festive colours of gold, red and green to match the Christmas festivities?

Earrings are particularly popular and versatile when you want to add some colour to your outfit. Even if you would normally have quite plain and understated chain necklaces or bracelets, it is earrings where your personality can really shine through, and they can be worn and interchanged throughout the year. Colourful earrings, whether they are studs or drops, are not just for Christmas.

Go all out for the party season

More is more at Christmas. So, make the most of it, and wear as much jewellery as possible. Why should trees have all the fun and decoration? Layer your clothes and layer your bracelets and bangles, so you are as jingly as the bells.

Don’t feel you have to stick to one base metal; mix them up and wear lots of different colours and styles. Anything goes during the festive season, so take the opportunity to experiment with your jewellery and you may even discover a new way of wearing it.

Sophisticated understatements

If you are more of a sophisticated glamour girl during the Christmas party season, then some well-chosen pieces to complement your outfit will have just as much of an impact. A pendant necklace works well with a low cut dress, while a bracelet or glitzy watch with a short sleeved outfit will draw the eye.

Vintage jewellery is always a good alternative, as you can be sure that no one will turn up to the party wearing the same as you. Plus, it makes a great talking point if small talk is required, as it so often is in these situations.

Jewellery v clothing dilemmas

Of course, during Christmas and winter, you may well need to wrap up warm, with hats, coats, scarves and gloves being part of your regular daily wardrobe.

These don’t necessarily lend themselves to wearing jewellery. The last thing you need is an earring getting caught on a woolly hat, or a fancy ring being completely redundant under your gloves.

So, do bear this in mind when selecting which pieces of jewellery to wear when. You might decide that one of our brooches is the order of the day instead, as it can be worn on the lapel of a coat or given a practical use to pin a scarf into place.

Men's Jewellery

Men’s Jewellery

From just £105

Don’t forget the men

Cufflinks are always an easy solution as a present for men, and Christmas is also an ideal time to wear them. Everyone likes to get dressed up at Christmas, and suits with cufflinks are often the obvious choice for men when attending the office party, or going for dinner with friends or family over the festive period.

There is such a huge choice of shapes, styles and colours available in the world of cufflinks, so there is bound to be something which suits your suit.

These green and red enamelled gold cufflinks are particularly festive and will be the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.

Final thoughts

Christmas and sparkly jewellery go hand in hand. Exuberance and abundance are expected at this time of year, so it gives you the ideal excuse to bring out some items that you only ever wear for best. You may also want to add to your jewellery box with a present to yourself.

Check out our huge range online or come into our Guildford showroom and see what takes your fancy. You may want to make a Christmas list for Santa and hope that some of your choices end up in your stocking or under the tree on Christmas morning.

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