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Jewellery Trends 2023

Tuesday August 15, 2023
Holly Diamond

Jewellery is something that has a timeless appeal, with sentiment playing as much of a part as fashion. But, that doesn’t mean that the catwalks and display cases around the world won’t feature specific trends each season. For 2023, that means go bold!

Whether that is forgetting everything you know about design and opting for clashing metals, or choosing large statement pieces, 2023 is the time when anything goes and the bigger the better.

Here is a selection of our favourite styles that are making themselves heard this season.

Bracelets and bangles

For a specific item of jewellery, bracelets are in. Adorn your wrist with an array of bangles and let them shine. A simple tennis bracelet can be worn with any outfit, for a more understated look.

Cuffs are gaining in popularity this season too. More practical than lots of bangles and providing that hit-you-in-the-face impact that jewellery is getting known for in 2023, a cuff is the ultimate in bracelet style.

Internet searches for bracelets in 2023 have seen a 67% increase already on last year. So, if you want to get the look, look for a bracelet.

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Statement pieces

Go big or go home is the message for 2023. This can be anything from long earrings or lots of earrings in one lobe, to cocktail rings and giant flower chokers reminiscent of the 90s.

Hoops are out and shoulder-skimming statement earrings are in. Go long and elegant with crystal drops or bring out your wacky side with colourful fun designs that are ideal for the summer.

Stacking earrings into one lobe has been popular for a while. But people are now starting to realise that they don’t necessarily have to have lots of piercings, and that clip-on earrings can do the job just as well. It is no surprise that there has been a 100% increase in people looking for clip-on earrings online this year.

Models and celebrities are all rocking the flower choker this year. Again, go big with it. A slim black ribbon and a giant flower will upgrade any outfit, but can also be worn in a casual setting to make a statement. Don’t be afraid to make your flower choker your go-to piece of jewellery, whatever your plans.

Large gemstones or designs on elegant rings, in any style or colour, are the standout accessory this season. These rings can really make an outfit, by adding a glamorous finishing touch that lifts it instantly.

Big brooches



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Perhaps you are somebody who prefers to decorate your clothing or accessories with a brooch, rather than wearing jewellery on your body. You are in luck. Brooches are making a comeback.

Often found in antique jewellery selections, more is more in 2023, so look for the biggest and bolded brooch you can find, and use it to dress up an outfit, secure a scarf or add to a handbag. The possibilities with brooches are endless.

Clashing metals

For years, we have been tempted to stick to either gold or silver tones for jewellery, and never the two shall meet. But, in 2023, that philosophy has gone out of the window. Don’t feel you have to match your jewellery anymore. If you want to wear a gold necklace and a silver bracelet, then go for it. There are no rules.

You may find some jewellery that combines the two styles of metal to glorious effect, perhaps even adding in rose gold for a trio of colours.
Pretty in pearls

Alternatively, move away from metals completely and go vintage with pearls. As you might expect from the rest of this article, it is jumbo pearls that are particularly popular this season. Drop earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces with jumbo pearls bring the stone bang up to date.

We have a wide selection of vintage jewellery at our store, proving that nothing really ever goes out of style. Investing in a good piece of antique jewellery, or several, will always be a good decision.

If you do choose to wear pearls, note that spraying them with perfume will cause them to deteriorate and lose their lustre, so bear that in mind before a night (or day) out.

Hearts and flowers

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For the romantic in us, it seems that jewellery adorned in hearts or flowers is the trending look this season. Chunky heart rings and earrings are a simple concept that is making a big impact on the jewellery scene. Plain silver hearts are the thing here.

With florals, it is 3D blooms that are the thing. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets featuring standout flowers are taking the catwalks by storm and translating well into everyday wear for anyone and everyone. Plus, with so many available colours to choose from, there will always be something that complements your outfit, whatever you happen to be wearing.

Initialisation and personalisation

What used to be the domain of fashion-conscious tweens, jewellery that contains letters, names or birthstones has entered the adult sphere. A single bead containing your first initial or your full name in a curly gold script, however you choose to personalise your jewellery, you can make it unique to you.

Add in your birthstone for extra expression and a touch of colour.
Bespoke jewellery is one of our specialities, so get in touch with us to find out what we can do to make it personal to you.

Final thoughts

The jewellery you choose to wear is often an extension of your personality. So, let it out. Whatever you feel comfortable and happy wearing is right for you. If you like it, that is essentially what matters.

Luckily, jewellery trends last longer than fashion and clothing, so you can be wearing these items for many years. Having a selection of good jewellery in your armoire means you will always be prepared, whatever the occasion.

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