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Winter Wedding Accessories & Ideas

Tuesday November 7, 2023
Holly Diamond

Winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to go all out with something sparkly. Fairylights abound in the venue and snow or rain adds an iridescent glow to the proceedings. Letting your jewellery reflect this glittery, and glittering, occasion is a must for any bride. And there are several different ways you can go about achieving the winter wedding of your dreams.

Choose the colours of winter, or Christmas if you are having a December wedding, and dress your wedding venue and your own accessories to suit. It’s your day, so you can do whatever you want. Hopefully this article will help you with some ideas and inspire you to get creative.

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Silver to shine

Silver is always considered a winter colour, with its cool tones mimicking the cold outside. Think snow queen vibes. And, if you can’t be a queen on your wedding day, when can you? Of course, if you don’t want to go for actual silver, white gold and platinum will have the same effect.

Choose all your jewellery accessories in these silvery shades to complement each other and the season. Match it to your other wedding accessories, with silver candlesticks, platters and table decorations and choose lighting which will make the most of the added sparkle.

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Pearls and diamonds

Continuing the snow and ice theme, pearls and diamonds are the gems to use in your silver jewellery. Mix and match or choose just one and wear a necklace, earrings and a bracelet in your chosen style. You could even add a hair slide or brooch to affix your veil, and add strings of pearls to your bouquet.

The options are unlimited, and this is your chance to go big on your accessories for your big day. We have an excellent range of bridal jewellery sets to give you some inspiration. But do check out our full range of jewellery online if you want something specific.

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Rubies and emeralds

For a truly festive feel, gold jewellery set with rubies and emeralds is the way forward. You can really embrace the Christmas season as part of your wedding day, with colourful reds and greens incorporated into your wedding accessories, perhaps combined with some foliage such as holly and ivy or beautiful poinsettias.

The rich colours of rubies and emeralds will shine magnificently against the backdrop of a wedding dress, as well as giving you jewellery you can continue to wear every Christmas (or any other time you like!), bringing back the magic of your wedding day every year.

Be inspired by nature

Nature is abundant in winter, with evergreen plants, pine cones and stripped twigs easily available to forage and make up some marvellous table displays and decorations. If nature is something you are passionate about, then be inspired by the shapes and textures and opt for jewellery with leaf, flower or tree motifs.

We particularly love this white gold cut diamond dragonfly pendant which is perfect for a nature-themed wedding and also comes with matching earrings. Or for something more dramatic, these flower-inspired ruby earrings are ideal in December. Although we’d happily wear them at any time of year!

Table favours

Of course, wedding accessories aren’t just about accessorising what you are wearing, setting off your outfit with different types of jewellery. But, that doesn’t mean that precious metals and jewels can’t also be incorporated into other areas of the celebration.

Table favours are still traditionally provided for wedding guests, so having something silver to complement other areas of the wedding set-up makes a lot of sense. We aren’t suggesting you lavish expensive jewellery on your guests, unless you really want to, but there are ways of adding pearl beads and glass ‘diamonds’ to your gifts, to signify the overall theme of your wedding.

Table favours originated in the UK during the time of Queen Victoria, when sugar cubes were given to guests in fabric bags. This was at a time when sugar was an expensive commodity, but for a cheap alternative for your winter wedding, sugar cubes could be a great choice and very on point.

Cutting the cake

No need to forget the cake either. Strings of pearls around the tiers can look great on a wedding cake – again, faux pearls will be better than real ones, in this particularly sticky situation. Even the knife you use to cut the cake could have a pearl-encrusted handle. Dragees, or silver balls as they are more commonly known, can also be utilised to create a winter wonderland of icy colours in your cake decoration.

Or, add some holly with green leaves and red berries if you are opting for the festive colours in your wedding theme. Boiled sweets could also be used on the cake to replicate rubies and emeralds, if you want to tie everything together with your wedding jewellery.

Final thoughts

Winter weddings are the perfect excuse to really dial up the glamour and go all out on your accessories, to make everywhere sparkle as much as the happy bride. Jewellery is the ideal way to add that enchantment to the overall occasion, and reflecting your chosen jewellery in other areas of the wedding, such as the venue and the floral displays, is a great opportunity to tie everything together in a coherent combination.

We have some fantastic jewellery choices available for a winter wedding, whether you are going for sophisticated and modern or a more traditional and vintage feel. Have a look at our range online or contact us to see what else we could find to make your day even more special than it already is.

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